Friday, December 30, 2011

What a Year It's Been!

Some of my favorite memories of twenty-eleven:
In January it snowed A LOT so we went snowboarding and Abby got engaged!
February made me lol and we went to D.C.- will always be one of my favorite weekends of college. We were fist pumping on Today's Letters!
I love every post of March.
I ran a half marathon in April. I might still be sore:) Apparently I also went on Spring Break a month late. For sure a Spring Break I'll never forget. Knoxville became Mega-Storm central and I stayed up until 4 for the Royal Wedding.
In May, there was that Big News Weekend and lots and lots of adventures.
Blogging is hard to do in June. But I did my best documenting our fun times and of course Abby and Andy's wedding.
I skipped blogging in July my parents celebrated their 25th anniversary in August. I also held onto summer for as long as I could.
September as always has my favorite weekend of the year- Boomsday. We went to STC for leadership weekend. Awesome. I turned 22! And I kept on livin' the summer life.
October was full of our dear love Pinterest and pumpkins.
Fun weekends and RT4 and camping and days in the dark and Thanksgiving were November's adventures. 
December had Formal and Chickfila opening and of course Christmas.

Wow. What a fast year. But a good one. So many new things. So many adventures. Such a blessed life.
May 2012 be just a incredible! (and not world ending) 

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