Sunday, May 1, 2011

Big News Weekend!

Woooooow! This week is off to a big start (and I haven't even thought about finals...)
My sleeping sched is all outta wack.
First the royal wedding, now Osama Bin Laden is dead! What?!

I feel like so, so rarely do people join around for collective good news. 
And I love the news.
And I love that I got a text to my phone from wbir that made me get out of bed and go turn on the news.
And I love that social media networks are my favorite media source.
And I love America.
And I love that people haven't forgotten September 11 (I was in SIXTH grade- what the...?!)
And I love that we can breathe a tiny sight of relief.
And I love when the good guys win.
And I love to support our troops.
And I love when we can stand together and cheer for something good. Finally.
So this is a happy day.
Not just because Osama is dead, but because of the comradery that we get to experience as Americans in the following days.
These are some of my favorite days.
When we all do fist pumps and leg kicks just for being Americans.
And being proud.
I love the feeling of all of us cheering together.
Loving this country.

I actually just read this tweet: "We aren't celebrating death as much as we are celebrating the removal of the potential for more death."

Now excuse me while I play "I'm Proud to Be an American" and dance around the house.

Go 'Murica.

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