Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yesterday's purchase...

I made the best purchase I have ever made in my 21 years of life (or at least the past week) yesterday.
And if you have even kinda been around me within the past 24 hours you already know what it is, if not,
insert drum roll here...

I got some roller blades!!!!!!
 Oh yes! Why walk when you can roll?! And now, I can roll baybay.

And you know what maybe the best part is? They were only FOUR DOLLHAIRS at Goodwill. Gosh, gotta love that place. 
So, I'm ready to hit the wide open road, blaze some trials, do some shredding.
If you have anything with wheels- a long board, a bike, a skateboarders, some of your own roller blades and/or skates, basically anything but a car ('cause that just wouldn't be fair), strap on your helmet, knee, elbow, and wrist pads- you know I'll need 'em all- and come join us!
Fist pumps for being on wheels and having a Greenway in the backyard. Hollaaaa!

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