Thursday, June 30, 2011

These days...

...are made up of:
Bare food living. I don't wear shoes anywhere anymore. I guess I'm just really embracing my Tennessee stereotype. Ain't no thang.
Scratching mosquito bites. I know I shouldn't. But the momentary relief that comes from leaving red scratches on my arms and legs is 100% worth it. Ahhh relief.
Wearing a sock in my hair. Yep.
Windows down at night. With my hand out the window. Bouncing to the country music on the radio.
Becky and I wakesurfing together.
Sam jumping on the pogo stick 863 times.
"Barefoot Blue Jean Night" being the official song of the summer. As declared by me. Insert this song on repeat here.
And packing for the beach. Okay, I haven't actually started this one yet. But we are going. Tomorrow. Fist pumps for way to many Crawfords and one sweet Irish girl all staying in a house together!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I shoulda done this awhile ago...

I don't know what's taken me so long to share this. Because it's been such a great reminder for me over the past several months. I love it, and come back and read it at least once a week. Which is why I don't really know why I haven't shared it on here. I guess I just kinda wonder if any of y'all who read this ever think about or struggle with the same things as me. But a lot of my friends really have loved it. And I figure that someone out there has to be like us. And after a quick convo with a friend tonight, I decided I needed to put it up here. To encourage whoever you may be.
A couple of months ago, one of my friends and I were taking a mini study break. We got to talking and eventually wandered upon the topic of dating. Both of us are single, while all of our roommates are not. Naturally (at least I hope this is a normal thing), frustrations and feelings we'd rather not have were shared. While it was great to have someone to vent with and talk somethings over with, we left feeling like we had something in common, but didn't exactly bring the conversation back where it needed to be, which is centered on God. But a few minutes later I walked by him and he made me come sit down and read the email his aunt had just sent him.
It was perfect.
For then.
And now.
That's how I came upon this.

The great wedding was ten days ago, many more coming up this summer, another friend from high school got engaged today, and lots more are dating. I love it, but at the same time, this is such a good encouragement for us single friends. 

"Everyone longs to give themselves completely to someone – a soul relationship with another – to love thoroughly and exclusively.
 But God to a Christian says, “No, not until you are satisfied – fulfilled – contended with being loved by Me alone – Not until you give yourself totally and unreserved to Me – Not until you have discovered that only in Me is your satisfaction to be found, will you be capable of the perfect human relationship that I have planned for you.  You will never be united with another until you are united with Me – exclusive of anyone or anything else – exclusive of any desires or longings. 
I want you to stop planning, stop wishing and allow Me to give you the most thrilling plan existing – one that you cannot imagine – I want you to have the best.   Please allow Me to bring it to you.  You just keep watching Me – expecting the greatest things.
Keep experiencing the satisfaction that I am.  Keep listening and learning the things I tell you – you just wait. That’s all – don’t be anxious – don’t worry – don’t look around at the things others have gotten or that I’ve given them. Don’t look at the things you think you want. You just keep looking off up to Me or you’ll miss what I want to show you.
And then when you are ready…
I’ll surprise you with a love far more wonderful than any you would dream of.  You see, until you’re ready and until the one I have for you is ready – until you are both satisfied exclusively with Me and the life I’ve prepared for you, you won’t be able to experience the love that exemplifies your relationship with Me……and this is the perfect love. And dear one, I want you to have the most wonderful love; I want you to see in this perfect human relationship a picture of the love that I offer you with Myself.
Now,  know that I love you – utterly believe it – and be satisfied.”

I wrote a lot at the beginning because there's not a whole lot to say to follow that up. My words seem so inadequate compared to these. So I hope you liked this...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Better than the royal wedding!

Who am I? It's been way to long my dear, faithful readers.
In my defense, it's been a busy week.
  • My bffl got married (holy moly, still can't believe this is real life)
  • I had the last week of first sesh summer school. Good gosh that went by muy rapido. And I'm not complaining one bit!  5 day weekend (until second sesh starts)! Time to partay! 
  • We've been surviving tornados. Knoxville had moved from Tennessee to Kansas without any of us knowing. 
  • I started working a "real" job. "Real" in that it is nannying so I still get paid without having to take out taxes (holla for not being grown up yet) and get cash and don't have to work 9-5. But it is kinda real because it is regular, everyday working. Farrah is a cutie. And we are buddies. 
  • Also been wakeboarding and wake surfing. Ain't no thang. Just a matter of time until I'm throwing raleys and tantrums (I'm not talking about the temper kind... Although I might be throwing some of those too...). Gnarly.
So I thought I'd throw some pics out while I munch on this huge bag of candy from the wedding (Peanut M&M's for breakfast? Sure, why not?) and love this stellar week!

Tornado day. A tree fell on our cars. Glad I parked on the other side of the driveway.

The down power lines (and trees) and the barricade the neighbs set up to keep people from driving into the wires and electrocuting themselves. So thoughtful.

Who knew a waterproof digital camera could be THIS fun?!

Late night happenings. These are the days I love.

TCBY and friends. This is the good life.
Just gettin' ready after a little double drive thru time. I kinda wish we could do this every week.


This is after it cleared up a bit. Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck, right? So huge thunderstorms must mean you'll have the most wonderful marriage eva!

So we had a little down time before the wedding. One of my favorite parts of the day.

Rehearsal dinner. Such a sweet night.

One last Red Saile pic. So thankful for this past year!

Lastly, one of my favorite pictures of all time. Love, love, love.

So if you can please forgive me. I've been busy. Not a lot of time for deep thoughts and witty reflections on life. So this is it for now.

Over and out Bloggies!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The last pre-wedding post

The wedding is tomorrow! I am so pumped. I honestly can't imagine being more excited for my own wedding (gah, but I hope I am! Somehow...). Seriously, I could pee my pants from excitement.

The bridal brunch, rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner were all today. It makes it so real. Wow.

The brunch was so tasty. I am about 99% sure that I could eat breakfast food all day, everyday. Yum.

And Abby gave us the most beautiful pearls. I can't wait to wear them tomorrow. They're gorgeous. Now if only I remind myself I have to guard these pearls with my life. Much nicer than my usual Target $4 pearl earrings.

Red Saile became an explosion of girls and clothes and make up and dresses and shoes and bobby pins and hairspray this afternoon. I guess that's foreshadowing for tomorrow. Oh my.

The rehearsal. Was weird. How can we be practicing for our friends' wedding- tomorrow?! Eek! They gave us tips to avoid passing out while we're standing up there. At all costs. I thought that only happened on America's Funny Home Videos. Worst case scenario, one of us will be the next AFV star or internet sensation.

Good thing there aren't any pools around Cedar Springs...

The rehearsal dinner. Two thumbs up. It was beautiful. Becca and I wrote a poem. I thought about putting it up here, but it's full of inside jokes. And mistakes. And I was shaking like crazy saying it in front of everyone So we'll just keep it to ourselves. And everyone at the rehearsal dinner. I was a little bit worried we were going to have a "Wedding Crashers" moment where the girl tries to be funny but instead just hears crickets. But fortunately that didn't happen.

We laughed and cried and did fist pumps and celebrated Abby and Andy.

Here's to a night of no sleeping from sheer joy. It's like prom times 500thousandmillion (that's a real big number I just made up). Hopefully we'll doze off a little bit and dream of wedding all night long.

AND here's too Mr. and Mrs. FENNELL!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In case you were wondering

Just a few things you should know...

1. Wendy's new fries. Oh. My. Goodness. I had them for the first time last night. Are you freaking kidding me?! Umm... I do believe I am going to have to go to Wendy's again today. I already need an intervention.

2. The rain and storms today? #amis Pray that the 30% chance on Saturday will become 0%. Pronto.

3. Also, I just finished reading Heaven is for Real. Ahh-maz-ing. So good. Read it. It took me a little less than one day to read. That's less than 24 hours, Bloggies. Now, I'm not going to pretend I'm not a reader. I am. But that is pretty speedy for me. I've read parts of other books about people who had near death experience or died and came back to life, which were alright stories, but the difference about this book is that a little kid is telling it. He wasn't trying to capitalize on his experiences, make money or gain fame, he was just telling about what happened to him. One of the things the boy in the book repeats over and over is, "Jesus really loves the children." Isn't it crazy how he uses them? How 'bout that childlike faith, eh?

It's a great book. Really quick read. God sure does love to amaze us.

4. Another Spanish test tomorrow. What?! Esta clase es loco.

5. Wedding in THREE DAYS! Really that only two. Thursday and Friday. Since today is practically over and Saturday is THE day. And actually since Friday is the Bridesmaid luncheon and the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner that doesn't really count either. So, what I really mean is ONE DAY LEFT! Hollaaa!

6. Oh, and one more thing, I have Bieber Fever. Big time. Thanks Never Say Never. Please don't throw me in jail.

Over and out!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blogging is hard in the summer...

Dear sweet little blog, sorry I've neglected you. But like I said, sometime you're just too busy livin' life to blog. So here's a quick update to just remind you I haven't forgotten totally completely about you.

I loved playing with this sweet war eagle friend for a WHOLE week!

Just posing in a parking garage. Why not?

Lots of partays for so so soon to be Abby Fennell

A little Scooter/ Rollerblade to Weigles for 69 cents Icees. Just another reason to adore summer.

Late night secret adventures. Oh I hope we never forget this night.

Some hardcore par 4 frolf. Girls only date rock!

I just love all the fun FREE stuff we've learned to entertain ourselves with this summer.
Less than a week until Abby is married. Three cheers for "Clubs and Tools" party tonight. Can't wait to do some putting and celebrate this awesome couple!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Can't beat summertime

I'm starting to feel like I sound a liiiitle bit like a broken record. But these days have been some of the best days of summer. Again. Despite having Spanish everyday, I do believe this is on track to being the best summer ever.
The past few days have been full of sun and water and food and friends. Tell me, does it get any better?!

I sorta felt like this week would be a little lame since so many people were at camp (but they are finally back! and I cannot wait to hear every detail!), and just Sarah Hope and I were holding down the for at Red Saile. But boy, was I wrong- it has been so fun. We've been a couple for the week. What a treat.

We've spent so long in the Sun the past few days. Summer tans are something to smile about. But it's been so hot we've spent all our time in the pool or on the lake. And I am NOT complaining about that.

Wake surfing is the new thing to do. My favorite thing about it is being close enough to the boat to talk to the people on board while you're riding. Sometimes I get bored wakeboarding. Too far away from the boat. It gets lonely. (Taylor would die if he read that.) We're going to be pros (I use the term lightly) by the end of the summer. 

My "smart" phone decided to not be so smart and take a little swim in the bottom of the lake. Those suckas aren't waterproof. Not so smart after all.

National doughnut day!! Why isn't everyday free doughnut day? I definitely took advantage of it. I had three. That's right three free doughnuts. And I don't regret it. At. All. Plus, running into friends and going to get doughnuts, running into more friends there and going to get more doughnuts makes for a fun night.

And the Chickfila double drive through patio has been seeing lots of us lately. There's just something about sitting outside, eating Chickfila, and having Caleb "refresh our beverages" that we just can't resist.
We also walked to Menchie's last night. Gah, so great. I would do that every single night.

My creativity has sparked this summer as well. These are two of the projects we've attempted this week.
First, a jersey knit bracelet. All you need is an old t-shirt and two fingers. Viola! Awesome.

It's a little hard to see these, but fingernails painted in swirls. All you do for this is put a few drops of different color polish in a cup of water, swirl it with a toothpick, and dip your fingers in. Tada! Swirly nails.

And lastly, we practiced hairstyles for Abby's wedding. Less than two weeks! I am so pumped for that day! Unbelievable. Time flies when you're having fun!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Happy June, Bloggies!

June. I have high hopes for you, middle-of-the-year month.

But not too high. Because much to my disappointment, my feet will be staying in this country while my heart will be here....

Where it is 99% of the time.
So instead of being here...

I will be here...


I wish so bad I could just live in Nicaragua and count it as learning Spanish, but sadly Mr. Whoeverisinchargeofmegettingadiploma says that doesn't count.

Well since I've gotta be here, I might as well make the most of it!

Summer school has officially started (not exactly what I'd call "making the most of it"). But really, it's not so bad. I have to get up early, but that makes the day seem so much longer! And I'm out of class before my friends even wake up. I don't miss a thing! The other good news is that the two hours really do go by fast. I'm not sure how, but they do! And I have two of my best friends in class too. So at least we get to hang out while we "suffer." And I really, really want to know Spanish. So unlike Econ (gag) or Stats, this is something I actually want to learn. See it really isn't all that bad? (Remind me to come back and read these words while I'm hitting snooze again at 7 tomorrow morning.)

In the spirit of making the most of being here in Knoxville, I'm going to dinner with two of the most wonderful people. We have many things in common, but one special bond that makes these dinners/lunches/breakfasts just so great. Can't wait.

It's almost Friday, Friday, Friday! You're welcome for getting Rebecca Black stuck in your head, again. Enjoy!

*P.S. Nick Reviez, told ya I'd give you a shout out one of these days. If you are still reading my ramblings, here it is... I just saw you on the news! Nothing new for you, but I love getting the surprise of randomly seeing people I know on the news, what a treat! Secondly, thank you for everything you do in our community. I know there's so much more than just what's seen on Channel 10. I'm sad the "champions" won't get to see you in the locker room anymore, but so pumped for all the kids (and adults) you are impacting! And you're heading to the number one place I want to be so soon. I'm trying my hardest not to be jealous. You're going to be changed forever. Love every single moment of it for me.