Thursday, June 2, 2011


Happy June, Bloggies!

June. I have high hopes for you, middle-of-the-year month.

But not too high. Because much to my disappointment, my feet will be staying in this country while my heart will be here....

Where it is 99% of the time.
So instead of being here...

I will be here...


I wish so bad I could just live in Nicaragua and count it as learning Spanish, but sadly Mr. Whoeverisinchargeofmegettingadiploma says that doesn't count.

Well since I've gotta be here, I might as well make the most of it!

Summer school has officially started (not exactly what I'd call "making the most of it"). But really, it's not so bad. I have to get up early, but that makes the day seem so much longer! And I'm out of class before my friends even wake up. I don't miss a thing! The other good news is that the two hours really do go by fast. I'm not sure how, but they do! And I have two of my best friends in class too. So at least we get to hang out while we "suffer." And I really, really want to know Spanish. So unlike Econ (gag) or Stats, this is something I actually want to learn. See it really isn't all that bad? (Remind me to come back and read these words while I'm hitting snooze again at 7 tomorrow morning.)

In the spirit of making the most of being here in Knoxville, I'm going to dinner with two of the most wonderful people. We have many things in common, but one special bond that makes these dinners/lunches/breakfasts just so great. Can't wait.

It's almost Friday, Friday, Friday! You're welcome for getting Rebecca Black stuck in your head, again. Enjoy!

*P.S. Nick Reviez, told ya I'd give you a shout out one of these days. If you are still reading my ramblings, here it is... I just saw you on the news! Nothing new for you, but I love getting the surprise of randomly seeing people I know on the news, what a treat! Secondly, thank you for everything you do in our community. I know there's so much more than just what's seen on Channel 10. I'm sad the "champions" won't get to see you in the locker room anymore, but so pumped for all the kids (and adults) you are impacting! And you're heading to the number one place I want to be so soon. I'm trying my hardest not to be jealous. You're going to be changed forever. Love every single moment of it for me. 

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