Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blogging is hard in the summer...

Dear sweet little blog, sorry I've neglected you. But like I said, sometime you're just too busy livin' life to blog. So here's a quick update to just remind you I haven't forgotten totally completely about you.

I loved playing with this sweet war eagle friend for a WHOLE week!

Just posing in a parking garage. Why not?

Lots of partays for so so soon to be Abby Fennell

A little Scooter/ Rollerblade to Weigles for 69 cents Icees. Just another reason to adore summer.

Late night secret adventures. Oh I hope we never forget this night.

Some hardcore par 4 frolf. Girls only date rock!

I just love all the fun FREE stuff we've learned to entertain ourselves with this summer.
Less than a week until Abby is married. Three cheers for "Clubs and Tools" party tonight. Can't wait to do some putting and celebrate this awesome couple!

1 comment:

  1. my party pants make my hips look REAL big...maybe i won't wear those as often as i do! haha