Friday, June 17, 2011

The last pre-wedding post

The wedding is tomorrow! I am so pumped. I honestly can't imagine being more excited for my own wedding (gah, but I hope I am! Somehow...). Seriously, I could pee my pants from excitement.

The bridal brunch, rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner were all today. It makes it so real. Wow.

The brunch was so tasty. I am about 99% sure that I could eat breakfast food all day, everyday. Yum.

And Abby gave us the most beautiful pearls. I can't wait to wear them tomorrow. They're gorgeous. Now if only I remind myself I have to guard these pearls with my life. Much nicer than my usual Target $4 pearl earrings.

Red Saile became an explosion of girls and clothes and make up and dresses and shoes and bobby pins and hairspray this afternoon. I guess that's foreshadowing for tomorrow. Oh my.

The rehearsal. Was weird. How can we be practicing for our friends' wedding- tomorrow?! Eek! They gave us tips to avoid passing out while we're standing up there. At all costs. I thought that only happened on America's Funny Home Videos. Worst case scenario, one of us will be the next AFV star or internet sensation.

Good thing there aren't any pools around Cedar Springs...

The rehearsal dinner. Two thumbs up. It was beautiful. Becca and I wrote a poem. I thought about putting it up here, but it's full of inside jokes. And mistakes. And I was shaking like crazy saying it in front of everyone So we'll just keep it to ourselves. And everyone at the rehearsal dinner. I was a little bit worried we were going to have a "Wedding Crashers" moment where the girl tries to be funny but instead just hears crickets. But fortunately that didn't happen.

We laughed and cried and did fist pumps and celebrated Abby and Andy.

Here's to a night of no sleeping from sheer joy. It's like prom times 500thousandmillion (that's a real big number I just made up). Hopefully we'll doze off a little bit and dream of wedding all night long.

AND here's too Mr. and Mrs. FENNELL!

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