Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just some quick pics

No time to blog. Studying for finals is lame. This is something I'm not going to miss when I'm out in the real world (even though I kinda like it...). There's no way I am even attempting to explain that sentence. Anyway, since I must study and sleep, I thought I'd skip the words and just stick with some pictures for today...

When will we ever outgrow awkward family photos...?

Umm... Seriously?! Share the wealth, Kid.

This isn't going to turn into a team bragging sesh. But I love her a lot.

I'm keeping my fingers quiet (but these people rock)

............. love

Half marathon runners! Almost missed 'em!

So proud of my friendsies! They are all-star runners!
And that's that.
Good luck studying everyone! Coffee, gum, friend's left over Dining Dollars used towards pizza, umbrellas, and breaks of laughter are all your friends. Use them wisely.

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