Monday, May 16, 2011

GameTime in Tennessee

The other day started as if it was going to just be another one of those days that doesn't really add anything to your life. You know those days? I hope so. Saturday was almost one of them.

GameTime in Tennessee at Neyland Stadium was Saturday and it was uhh-mazing. I am so proud of all the hard work and effort lots and lots people put into making it a success.

Y'all. If you didn't go- for any reason- you missed out. Big time. You have GOT to be there next year.

They did sports camps and gave concerts and it was all free.

But the best part is, they told people about Jesus.
Roger Woods, Chris Walker, Nick Reveiz, and Sarah VanSickle were incredible. I loved hearing their passion and enthusiasm.
Someone said that athletes will have more influence in a year than many pastors will have in their entire lives. How sadly true this is. But how encouraging is it that there are athletes that are will and able and want more than anything to share the gospel with others?! Wow.

I decided not to be a counselor for the event because I really wanted to bring some kids with me (but I sure did question that decision...) I begged, and I mean begged, my mom to bring some of her students from Sarah Moore Greene. Being the charming pain in the butt I am, I got my way, and convinced her to bring two of them along.

Well all day it was cloudy and rainy and gross. But the skies cleared right before the event was set to begin. We all were so glad and praised God for being sovereign and in control of the weather. I was so glad not to be sitting in the rain and silently thanked God for clearing the skies and bringing people to the stadium for something other than football. However, it didn't stay that beautiful clear.
Clouds rolled in and it POURED. Rained like crazy. But you know what, people stayed. They STAYED! They moved up under the covering, but they stayed!
My mom, Addie, Sam, the two girls from SMG, and I actually left to eat but got a texts from one of my mom's friends saying she was on her way so we went back. Probably the best God-intervention we've ever had.

Anyway, Sarah was talking and I wish so bad I could remember everything she said because she absolutely killed it. Wow. That girl has some passion. But she was talking about the rain and kinda being confused why God would let that happen and how He wanted warriors who would stay through the rain but the most b-e-a-utiful rainbow appeared behind her. Here it is:
I wish pictures did it justice...
Our God is an awesome God!

The final speaker gave a message of conviction and redemption. But the best part was, my brother, my precious little baby SamSam ACCEPTED CHRIST! So did the two girls we brought with us from Sarah Moore Greene! NOW it makes perfect sense why I just had to get my mom to bring them along. Also why I had to go with them and not be a counselor. Oh, it was just so awesome. And I am so, so thankful for this event!

I am thankful for people like the ones who put this together. Who aren't afraid to dream big. Who take risks and take chances. Who pour time and money and effort and love into reaching people. Who trust God to come through for them in every circumstance.
People like this are such inspiration and I am beyond thankful for this event and their lives.

So that day that I thought would be just another one of those lame days, turned out to be a huge day in my life, but even bigger in the lives of three of my favorite elementary schoolers.

I guess what I'm really trying to say, is there are no insignificant days. Everyday counts. So just keep that in mind.

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