Monday, May 2, 2011

Mondays Rock!

...wanna know why? Because no more class so every Monday is Saturday! Holla!

I went to Nashville this weekend to celebrate the one year anniversary of the floods. Not really. But I did go. And it was a p-a-r-t-y! Photos to come later.

For now, I'm still thinking about Osama being dead. I chaperoned a fourth grade field trip to see "African Cats" today. And it was actually good! (Not gonna hide it, I teared up a little bit... Typ) But it left plenty of room for thinking. And this is what I thought about...

It's not natural to celebrate the death of a man, especially as a Christian, a man who dies apart from Christ. But I am thankful for, not the death of that man, but that the hatred and death he was about is over.
I'm thankful that everything he represented is gone.

Here's a free tip for any terriorist/bad guy who reads this blog and is set on killing innocent people unjustly: avoide May 1st. Hitler, Osama both didn't make it through those days. So watch out.

The average girl married a prince and became a princess, and the bad guy got killed. The good guys win! So, as everyone else is saying, was Disney controlling the news this week? I'm about to pull out all our VHS's and rename the characters Kate, William, and Osama. 

So we got Osama, now where's Waldo? And some please tell me where in the world is Carmen Sandiego??
 Apparently I'm reminiscing childhood memories today.

So "Party in the U.S.A." can continue to play on throughout my house. As overall, it was a good weekend. Proud to be an American.

It's my biffle's (BFFL= best friend for life) 21st birthday today!
Here she is:
She loves me. A lot. Promise.

My computer is running on looooooow battery (that little warning just popped up and as I'm typing this, I realize I've never actually read it before. Weird.) But Because of that I must go. Also, I think it's a sign from God I need to go study Econ.

So over and out!

Happy Monday, Bloggies!

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