Sunday, May 8, 2011


I must take a study break to give a shout out to:
  • the one that made me want to be a teacher
  • the one that gave me three clones of myself-that I love so much (okay, she had help with this one)
  • the hands down best teacher I know
  • the most creative and most like to help me in a help-I-hit-a-wall-and-can't-think-of-anything-cute-to-do crisis
  • the most obsessive ice chewer I know
  • the one that is oh-so-witty 
  • the one that makes me laugh. so much.
  • the one that I would chase a random car down Magnolia for- insert fearlessness here
  • the one that would tell me I would only need a "butterfly stitch" when my elbow skin was exposed to the bone- insert reasonable lying here
  • the BEST M&M cookie maker I know
  • the one who I know reads this blog, even if no one else in the world does
  • the one who change across town high school alliances for her kids (go Dawgs, go)
  • the one who loves her kids (biological and those in her class) like crazy
  • the one who drove me to YoungLife club when I was a freshmen and forced me to get out of the car- insert "where the heck would I be without that" face here
  • the one who has worn a scar on her stomach for 21 years because of me
  • Who gave me the name with too many Cs- insert "no it's actually -cie" here
  • the one that passed on:
    • blonde hair
    • embarrassingly bad math abilities
    • a love of reading
    • the problem of tears rolling down our legs if we laugh to hard
    • the uncanny ability to bruise in weird places
    • a love for gummy bears and M&Ms-and everything sweet come to think of it
    • a horrible sense of direction
    • a love of the mountains
    • a hate of water parks (but maybe that's not inherited, just a normal thing to hate swimming in thousands of other people's spit and pee. Ew.)
    • a need to chase crazy dreams
    • and incredible good looks :)
So here's to one of the most influential people in my life. Someone I love so much. Someone I am permanently indebted to. Someone who leads me, prays for me, encourages me, teaches me, loves me, and is my biggest fan.   

Here she is, in all her glory:
I know you love this one, Mom


Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I love you!

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    1. Ahhhhh, you have been well-raised! I have those previously referred to tears running down my legs(?) now! BEST MOTHER'S DAY GIFT EVER!!!! Thank you and I LOVE you more!