Thursday, May 19, 2011


It's getting warmer!! Today we laid out*, got sonic drinks and $1 ice cream cones, wore shorts and t-shirts, and drove with the windows down and sunroof open-  
tis the season!

The Red Saile house is going through major changes. Little miss bride to be is gone and rooms are being traded like crazy.
The lesson of the day:
Make sure the shades of green paint are the same when attempting to cover up holes in the walls...
(Get ready real world, we are going to be a part of you in ONE year. Oh dear that is terrifying for you and me both.)

Some other highlights of this summer day were:

attempting (and semi-succeeding) to learn how to do this,
My hair looks pretty much exactly like this (NOT)
crying silently over this,


               Memorable guests on Oprah today. My oh my, bring on the Kleenex!

adding this to the "to do" list,

Can you say de-to the-licious?!
and looking forward to this,

C'mon upper 80s!

Mmmm, sweet summa time!

*so it was cloudy and chilly, that's okay! We were still in our bathing suits by the pool.

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