Saturday, January 15, 2011

Goin' to the chapel!

MY ROOMMATE IS GETTING MARRIED!!!! Abby Troutman FENNELL. I could NOT be more excited. I am seriously so incredibly pumped! Not only is she my roommate, but she is one of my very best friends. And Andy, I'm crazy about him too. We bicker all the time, but it's all out of love.

Here they are:


Andy and Abby have been dating since we were in the eighth grade. That's EIGHT years bloggies! Crazy! Abby and I became great friends when we were in high school. Andy and his friends were "our guys." We ran around town and had some of the best times ever. I really believe that these people made my high school years the best ever. And it definitely would not have been the same without Abby and Andy. I cannot tell you how many nights we spent over at Abby's parent's house playing games and eating cookies. After the boys left all the girls would pile into the room over the garage and spend the night. There are so many memories from nights just like that, I couldn't stop if I got started naming specifics.

Abby and Andy and Ben (Andy's twin) and I went to prom together our junior year. Prom is such a special time, I am SO lucky I got to share so much of it with the three of them. Here we are back in 2007.
Good thing we've come a long way since then :)
It's just so exciting to think that the four of us will get to get all dresssed up like this again, but for a completely different reason!

Abby is hands down one of the most incredible people I know. She is always thinking of others. I mean always. She is so humble and thoughtful and caring. She is happy and fun and hilarious. Andy has a dry sense of humor. He is super athletic and plays baseball in colllege (AND won "Most Athletic" in high school).

One summer Abby, Andy, our friend Becca, and I went to Nicaragua on a mission trip. What a trip. Incredible. Here we are there:

Sweet Abby "facepainting"

One of the things I'll always remember from that trip is Andy and his "ball in a cup"

Just to prove Becca really was there

Andy- He's a luck guy!

So weird that I don't have a picture of all four of us together from that trip, but these will work! I feel like I could so easily get side tracked by putting up those pictures, but this post is all about these two people being ENGAGED!

They really are the best engaged couple I know. I can't imagine being more excited about my own wedding :)
Here are some pics from the night Andy popped the question!!!
Anxiously waiting their arrival. Screaming as every car passed.


Let the screams, hugs, ooohs and ahhhs begin

The happy groom telling his friends

Red Saile's first finace

Telling the story. What a couple.

Our life now!!
Now June 18th better hurry up!
We've got a wedding to plan and I am so pumped!

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