Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life these days

I'm coming down off an addiction. Day 6 with out my love, Diet Coke. I drank SIX on New Year's Eve preparing to spend the next 365 days without them. Me and two of my wonderful Red Saile roomies decided on NYE to give up soft drinks for the year. It's been hard. So hard. Day one and two were no good. But really, I think it's getting easier. Okay, so maybe easier was the wrong word. As I type it out I feel like a liar. Because it's been no where close to easy. So let's say "less hard" day by day. Caffine headaches, I will defeat you!! So if my bloggin seems a little off, I blame it on the withdrawls I'm experiencing. That being said, all you doubters keep it up, we love proving you wrong :) Only 359 days to go!
Slight change of pace, it snowed AGAIN! And last night's snow was a total surprise. I think this winter I've seen more snow than I have in ever in my whole life. Living here in the South, we really don't get much snow, but when we do, the world shuts down. To say the least, we don't handle it very well. This little Southern snow has been oh so delightful and I hope so much that it keeps it up!

Marley loves the snow, almost as much as we do.

These next ones are from a couple of snows ago

SamSam did a faceplant

Nothin' better than snowangels on a golf course

Sam provided us with a sledding snack of gummy worms he stored in his pockets

So wintery

Addie's portrait of me on a girls only Olive Garden outing (no snow here)

Addie is working on a collage. Funny 'cause Drew and I did this too when we were about her age.

Surprise snow!

All over the backyard. Beautiful.

Sweet Sam. But more importantly, look at the size of those flakes!

Stratego. Drew and I used to play this a lot. Add doesn't quite have the strategy down to say the least.

A nighttime game of Horse. (Once again, HUGE snowflakes falling!)

Dad playing Horse too. I defeated them all!

Sam is cold. And mad he didn't win.

It's so beautiful

My sister. She's hilarious.

Wow. Sometimes (not as often as I should by any means) I look around and am speechless at the thought that this is my life. How incredible blessed am I?! Yes, the giving up Diet Coke thing is a set back, but all the snow, plus my wonderfully loving and funny family, not to mention my terrific friends, I truly have a fantastic life. This, the ordinary day by day, is MY life. This is what I'll look back on years from now and recap all in my mind. What a privilege this life is. I am just so so grateful.

It's supposed to snow again tomorrow! Oh boy! More nighttime sledding and snowball fights are on the agenda. Now, off to get ready for game night!

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