Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blizzard 2011

I use the term "blizzard" lightly, but for us, it really was. We got like 3-4 inches of snow overnight. How crazy is that?! Now I wasn't super surprised because this is how Jamie and I went to bed the night before...
Pajamas- inside out. It works.
So, Knoxville, you can thank us for the fantastic snowfall. 

Monday morning the four of us woke up and joyfully ran to all of our windows checking out all the snow. We dug out our snow clothes and took forever to put them on. Then, after acquiring a four-wheeled driver, we hit the slopes aka the hills. We only got a few pictures, probably because we were too busy playing. I wish I'd gotten some of our huge snowball fight or sled ramp riding, but you can just use your imagination. I'm not sure how, but there ended up being a huge crowd of friends gathered together. I guess people just kept calling and showing up. Despite having major bruises (including many in the place where the sun don't shine- maybe we shoulda cleared the hills of hidden rocks before we sledded...), a fun time was had by all. I am sore today, but is sure was worth it! I so wish there were more pictures.

Please love Abby's hat

Surprise out my window this morning!
Going downnnnn... If only walking back up was as fun
My favorites. And my roommates. Love.

Four people and sleds in the trunk, five in the middle, three in the front. Just another snow day.

Our mini snowman
And we made snow cream aka straight sugar

Also, we went to watch the national championship game with a bunch of people. And Auburn won. War Eagle!
Then we played murder in the dark. Again. Always a blast. 2011, I'm keeping your resolutions.
Happy 1/11/11 :)
Now off to go live the very last day of the break. SO sad.

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