Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some cute kiddies

Look at these precious kids I get to babysit. 

Meet Timmy...

and Micah.

Seriously, how adorable are they?!

They are total boys. I'm so sore everytime I leave their house, but we have so much fun playing. I hung out with these two yesterday, and they are completely awesome. I could just eat 'em up, but since I probably wouldn't get paid for that, I just make them say "cheeeeese" a couple times instead.

Also, there is BIG snow in the forecast for tonight/tomorrow/tomorrow night. I'm trying this new idea where I don't get too optimistic about things (here's my shot at being a "realist"). Judging the Doppler, it appears to me the snow is going to miss us and hit just the mountains (and Chattanooga- hope Drew is ready!). ...But I'm not fully believing it. I guess I'm still not very good at this realism thing, so I'm sure first thing I'll do tomorrow morning is roll over, look out the window, then do a joyful snow dance right here in my little yellow room.

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