Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First day of schoooooool

First day of school, first day of school! Ready to learn and get some knowledge!

First day of the new semester and ohmygoodness winter is still here. It was so snowy this morning. Our road and driveways and cars were completely covered. Then again, I was up kinda early, I had class at 9:05. But still. I slipped all over the place both in the driveway and on campus. People were slidding everywhere. It's so funny, watching people slip, until the ice turns and you. Then it's just embarrassing. And I mean big time embarrassing. But at least it was happening to all of us. Drew and Knox County are still out of school, and have been for three days. No fair, I wish we were too. For the sake of my pride, UT, PLEASE close next time! And if the ice isn't bad enough, for the sake of my risk of hypothermia and/or frostbite, when the high is 26 degrees, feel free to close then too. 

Now, back to The Bachelor. I caught up yesterday. Michelle, anyone know if it was her birthday last episode or not?! (If you've watched it, you know it was. I think she said it 15thousand times. If you haven't, be prepared to be extremely annoyed.) Anyway, Ashley S. and Emily are my two favs. BUT I don't think Brad will pick them because I'm just not so sure he's that smart. Poor Brad, he's got some psychos. Best of luck to him (and Ashley S. and Emily).

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