Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Friday

Can I get a whoop, whoop for the weekend?! Hope y'all all have a fantastic time livin' life these next two days of freedom. Enjoy it, you earned it. 
As for me? This weekend I'll be with
I am unbelievably pumped to get a little exclusive roomie time in the gorgeous snow covered mountains of NC. If we're lucky maybe we'll get snowed in and stuck up in a cabin. The five of us stranded in the mountains? I can't imagine anything much better. We're becoming boarders tonight. Most of us have grown up skiing, but we are making the trasition. Ay bay bay. Wish us luck!


A thought for the weeekend (or for life):
Be so happy that when other people look at you they become happy too

Life is gooooood.

Happy Freakin' Weekend Bloggies!

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