Monday, January 31, 2011


I keep telling people that I went shredding on Friday night and their response is the same every time. Shredding what...? Now I do realize the lingo is tricky for some inexperience people (insert irony and sarcasm here), but what in the world do they think I shredded? Paper?! ...Probably. But no, to clear this up, we shredded snow. And it was gnarly. 
That's about the extent of me trying to sound like a hardcore boarder, so I'll surrender to the fact that I'm still my not-so-extreme-self. Anyway, me and four of my alltimefavoritepeoleintheworld aka my roommates, went to Sugar Mountain on Friday night.
Red Saile take on Sugar Mountain
This is one of the 15million reasons I love my roommates

We all five attempted boarding. Since I was the only one who had ever been before, I was directed the teacher. Poor roomies, I failed. It's hard to teach when you don't even know what you're doing yourself.
Just takin' a break from shreddin'

She's up! Look at her go!
Andddd she's down
We did have a blast though. And looked good doing it (and by good I mean absolutely ridiculous). I laughed so hard. We decided the key is just to pretend you know what you're doing (even if you knock over a domino effect of boards in the lodge, or can't figure out which foot to take out while you're waiting in line, or fall every single time you get off the lift). Embrace it. By the end of the night we actually got pretty okay at it. We could actually get down the mountain without falling- always a plus.
Abby and Laura ditched the boards for a more enjoyable night

Pre getting picked up on the side of the road

Some other highlights: hitch-hiking down the moutain from our cabin to the base. Shout out to the sweet Brazilian couple who picked us up. Thanks for the ride. Hope y'all had an awesome time skiing. Oh, and thanks for not kidnapping us. (Don't worry, Mom, this was totally safe.) Eating dinner at midnight. A full meal- why not? 

And my injury. Stupid ice. But it makes me feel totally extreme :)

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