Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thoughts on Prayer

I had a thought the other day. Hang with me because this is probably going to be a little random...
Every time we pray we get to enter into the presence of God. How amazingly unreal is that?! The Holy God of the universe takes time to listen to me personally (or you personally). Incredible. I am truly in awe and just so so thankful for this fact. Wow. Really, wow. Another very large part of the beauty of prayer comes from us being able to pray literally anywhere and anytime. This is where my thoughts might become rambling so get ready. A part of me has this thought, this question, about how casually I take this divine communication sometimes. How often I shoot off a little prayer as I am drifting to sleep in my bed. I think, what better way to spend your last conscious seconds before dreamland, talking to God? Yes, this is a truly great and blessed way to end the day. It is. But then I think of those in the Bible who went to the corners to pray, kneeling before God... What a way to practice humility! Then I think about how body position affects everything really. If you're laying your head down in class, or sitting up straight, looking ahead; either way affects your attention. That's just one example, but even so, would I not be foolish to think that my body position when I talk to God affects my soul?? I think I would be mistaken to believe the same concept doesn't apply here. Anyway, just a thought for the day. There's some more, I'm just not sure how to say them yet. So in the mean time, pray for snow :)

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