Monday, January 24, 2011


You know what is awesome? Today was awesome. Here's some reasons why.

1. 60 degree weather in January
2. Pull through parking spots (driving in reverse is my kryptonite, I've backed into other cars twice within the last year)
3. Running outside- mmm fresh air
4. Days when Lakeshore doesn't smell like poo
5. Preparing for the worst and hearing the best
6. Getting out of class early- just when you don't think you can make it ten more minutes, you don't have to! The professor lets ya out early. Freedom is even sweeter when it's unexpected.
7. Books on Amazon getting reduced while sitting in my shopping cart waiting for me to gather enough money to "Checkout Now."
8. A professor who says, "bless you" to every student that sneezes- a bit distracting, but thoughtful
9. Waking up BEFORE the alarm goes off
10. When blisters turn into calluses- just what you wanted to picture, I'm sure.
11. YoungLife starting again the day after tomorrow the day after tomorrow.
12. And the Steelers going to the Super Bowl. Call me a bandwagon fan... 'cause that's exactly what I am :)

Fist pumps for awesome days!

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