Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Seis de Mayo!

I had our very last YoungLife club of the semester (and the very last one with Spenser- ever) last night. Surprisingly, it was pretty uneventful. No tears or wails of sadness.
But because of this I didn't get to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I don't like Mexican all that much, but I was so craving it yesterday. Bummer.
But is was worth it.
You know those naps when you wake up and think, "yes! now I can go conquer the world!" Well I love those. And I've had two of those in the past two days. I am hoping this trend continues.

I'm trying really hard to live in the present. And not look forward to Tuesday. This is when my days will become full of watermelon, lake days, drive-in movies, cookouts, s'mores, soft serve ice cream, friends, days at the park, Spanish (but I'm going try to ignore that as much as I can), and hopefully a rockin' job!

But as for now, it is the weekend!
Tonight I get to have a sleepover with my awe-to the-some adoptive small group. These homies took me in and words cannot express how grateful I am for that. Seriously. I'm so glad they could fill exactly what I needed.
So I am pumped!
Also, there's another dance party this weekend.
Ohhh how great it will be to have this wonderful break from studying!

Log, Bec, and me breakin' it down.

Choose joy.

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