Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm gonna be a teacher!

This isn't anything new. I've been going to be a teacher since I was about 4 years old. But right now I am particularly pumped that it is what I get to do for the rest of my life.

Reach Them to Teach Them. Incredible.
The theme was "One."
One + One = Infinity
You + God = Unlimited possibilities

Manuel Scott was the keynote speaker. Holy motivation. He was in-freaking-credible. My favorite yet.
Manuel was one of the original Freedom Writers. From the movie with Hilary Swank. His story is played by the character Marcus. I haven't seen the movie. But clearly I desperately need to. I did hear his story though. Wow. What a difference one person can make.

Sooo, thanks fort the push Manuel... it's into the inner-city I go. I want to teach where kids need me most. Where they need a teacher who believes in them, gives them hope, loves them. Kids lives will be different because of having me as a teacher.

Call me naive. That's fine. I am. But, I can dream. I can try. I can run with the enthusiasm and passion that I have right now. Go ahead and tell me I can't. I won't make a difference. I can't honestly change kids' lives. No one will be there to support you when you need it. It's too hard. Fortunately (or maybe in your mind- unfortunately), I am stubborn enough to want to figure it out on my own. I'm headed to where I can make a change!
I've also been thinking about switching to high school eventually. What?! Who am I?? I adore little kids. But I love Halls High Schoolers too. And what a difference Erin Gruwell made for her high school students.

Anyway, just some thoughts.
I'm sure my mom will read this and die. Congrats Mom, you did this:)

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