Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful, thankful, thankful

So stinkin' much to be thankful for, I just can't stand it!
Thankful for sweet, huge, loud, caring, busy, competitive, loving, hilarious family. I feel like this is totally a given, but they get a thankful shout out none the less! friendsies. Where would I be without y'all? Probably living in my parent's basement spending my free time knitting and petting cats. Thanks for saving me from falling into this life before my time.
...East Tennessee. Thankful for the mountains, the accents, the people, the food, and all the other Southern traditions that come with life in this sweet little valley.
...Pinterest. Because without it I would continue to live my life as an uncrafty, boring, bad cook, lame human. So maybe I still am, but at least it makes me feel more creative.
...iTunes. I l-o-v-e music. And since I can't sing, I crank up the jams and drown my voice out. Perfection. heaters. It's cold outside, but my butt is warm. Yes please.
...turkey comas. I ate so much food yesterday I think I shall never be hungry again. And I'm pretty sure I have a Thanksgiving food hangover. Must. Go. Take. Nap. on TV. Yeah, I'm really into the game. Perfect excuse not to leave the couch.
...only 30 more days until Christmas! Lots of cookies and lights and music between now and then. Oh yes.
...the Red Saile house. I love that we love having people over there. I love the house. I love that people just show up But I especially love the people I share it with.
 ...Jesus. Most of all. Without my Savior my life would have no meaning and my joy would be incomplete.
Some pictures of somethings I am oh so thankful for!
3/5 of the Red Sailers. (Thankful for 5/5ths though)
 FOOD (uh oh, I'm hungry again...)

Seester and Momma



The Fab Four. We'll never be able to take a real picture.

Turkey naps

And after dinner back massages

Happy Black Friday, Bloggies! I hope you are still so full and so happy you still can't move.

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