Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

That awkward moment... where you write a blog post and forget to publish it......
Sorry this is 4 days late!

Happy Halloween, Bloggies!

This weekend I celebrated this spooktacular holiday with:
Halloween themed YoungLife club. Who doesn't love creative costumes high schoolers come up with?
A trip to Chatt-town to hang with good friends and spend some quality time with my baby bro.
Oh and of course that awe-to-the-freakin'-some concert we went to.
Holy cow, I discovered I am head over heels in love with Ben Rector.
And needtobreathe... they take my breath away.
Seriously, what a jammin' to music fun time.
Saturday, once again I watched my dear Vols lose. It's a rough life being a Tennessee fan.
But at least this time I watched it from the comfort of a couch. Call me a fair weather fan. I still love the Vols.
Sunday was the last day before we finally caved and turned on the heat. So the day was spent cuddling and watching movies.
Before braving the cold for a little Halloween celebration.
Rock, paper, and scissors.
Did we play? Absolutely.

Loved getting to hang with my brudder!

An unintentional Chelcie sandwich

Sweet friends. In pretend London.

Hi Blake

I. Am. In. Love.

Rock, Paper, Scissors. Heck yes.

Here's to trick or treating, bellies way too full of candy, sugar highs, scary movies, and getting to pretend to be someone else for the day.
Happy Halloweeeeen!

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