Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just an update...

So... what's been going on?

Last Wednesday our neighborhood became a dark hole.
No power.
At least we were all in it together.
The boy neighbors were worried about how we would eat. #priorities
Fortunately, I have good friends who offered shelter at their houses. Thanks to all y'all.
My favorite part was playing murder in the dark and mafia with our dear neighbs. Fortunately (again), the power came back on so we got some quality visible hang out time.
So our day pretending to be from the olden days of darkness really wasn't all that bad.
Here's one of our neighbors. Because if this blog isn't for publicly humiliating myself and others, what's it for??
(Side note: we did wake up younglife on Wednesday morning. So I got up at 4. Drove over some down powerlines. Got back to my street at 6:30 only to discover- good gracious I can't get home!! Red Saile 100% blocked. So naturally I go to my biffle's house. "She has an 8a.m. so she'll be up soon," I think. Well turns out she gets up at 7:30. So I parked it (literally) outside her house and "slept" in my car for an hour. Talk about an experience.)
The view from our driveway. Hey 17 KUB trucks.

So what it was against Vandy?
It was hands down the best game I've been to in college.
I don't know what made it so extra incredible. I guess the victory in overtime?
But it was fantastic. 
I didn't have an opinion before, but now I think the Vandy coach is quite the sore loser.

Monday I learned two valuable lessons: 1. Always look at the weather before you leave the house (SO unlike me not to know). And when in doubt, it is worth it to walk back down the flight of stairs in the parking garage to grab an umbrella from the car "just in case." 2. Double check your texts before you send them. Twitter does not equal texting one friend.

We've been having lots of parties at Red Saile. Birthdays and "just because" parties. And I love it. Keep 'em comin' through Christmas break.

So here's to backyard football games and triptophan turkey comas. Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Now three cheers for a FIVE day freakin' weekend!

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