Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's da weekend!

We get a WHOLE EXTRA HOUR of life this weekend, Bloggies! 60 minutes of pure bliss. I am so excited I can't settle on one idea of how to spend it. Here's to endless possibility. High five for that!

In other news, I spent last night: a) roasting hot dogs over the fire b) burning my tongue on apple cider c) playing "never ever have I ever" d) getting way to way to competitive in mafia e) eating my weight in puppy chow f) snuggling in a tent g) debating the probably of actually contracting frostbite on my toes h) eating s'mores for breakfast i) being one with nature j) being in awe of God's creation k) realizing how out of shape I am while hiking up the most giant hill l) ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Go Vols and Geaux Tigers! (I'll always cheer against Bama)

Happy freakin' (long) weekend!

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