Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Say what, another list blog?!

Today I got frustrated. But I shouldn't have. There's so many great things to be happy about!
I don't know why I'm stuck on making lists recently, but I am. So deal with it.

I won my fantasy team last night. High five for Aaron Rodgers. He rocks.
I walked around outside BAREFOOT yesterday! Go ahead and make Tennessee stereotypes because it was awesome. Winter, don't come to Knoxville. Ever!
I also won a bet. I love making (and winning) pointless bets.
LAST FULL WEEK OF CLASSES! Holy cow, this semester went by super duper speedily. I'll do a thousand finger slaps for that.
Solo coffee dates. Holla for learning how to have "me" time.
Pretty fall leaves still clinging to the trees. Cling a little longer dear leaves!
Coffee + rain = perfection
Hallmark commercials that make me cry. (not sure why this is a happy thing. other than it is a happy sad cry)
Crazy dreams with random people in them. Huger Games plus friends into my subconscious mind? Hmm... weird. But okay, I'll take it.
Dinner reunion with the last year roomies! Nothing better than reminiscing about all the funny times from last year with my friendies.
And that's a wrap! Happy Tuesday, homies!

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