Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I'm not sure what's taken me so long to write this post. But here it is... finally.

I'M 22 Y'ALL!
aka duces.
aka twenty-THREE is next.
aka old.
aka nothing exciting happens at 22.

But it was a great day of birth. I'm still having a hard time contemplating the fact that I'm 22 (and a week). And I've lived every moment of it. Holy moly life goes by fast.

I felt so loved. So many texts and calls and of course the Christmas of Facebook (thanks Meghan Davis). From Panera breakfast to lunch with the Grandparents to ice cream surprises to dinner and small group and party at Red Saile. It was really a fantastic day.

My biffle (BFFL= best friend for life) is so great at birthdays. If celebrating birthdays was a spiritual gift it would be her's. Hands down. She's the one that organized the party by sending out a text that said,
"Today is Chelcie's/Bubs/Klutz/whatever you like to call her birthday! Come to Red Saile at 9 to celebrate with the happiest girl I know."
If someone said that about you, you can't tell me it wouldn't just absolutely make your day life. She is awesome.
And boy did she cover some territory with that text. Because we had quite the crowd at the Red Saile house. And a huge variety. (I guess that's a benefit to not fitting perfectly in anywhere- LOTS of friends! From LOTS of different places). Such a fun thing.

A little late night neighborhood bonding finished the night off. (Have I mentioned how awesome I think it is to have cool neighbors? It rocks.)

It meant so much to be celebrated. I feel humbled to get call such awesome people my friends.

I love my backporch. Spending time out there was a perfect bday treat!

My personal poster that was made and signed (and is still hanging). One of the perks of being a YoungLife leader.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who made my birthday special.
Love y'all more than ice cream and cake and cake.

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