Friday, September 9, 2011


I know some of you (Morgan Stridde) get sick of my Halls team love posting. So just skip this one.

A adore my team.
Because honestly, what other team jams to duets in the 30 minute car ride back home from their high schools?
...Or picks up sticks wands in the YL parking lot and casts spells on each other for the rest of the night?
...Or has a team thread that makes me pee my pants daily? (That might be a personal problem)
...Or sends back and forth texts of lyrics with "dance" in them
...Or is just so stinkin' awesome in ways I can't even explain??

I'm positive all y'all's teams rock so much, I'm just constantly overwhelmed by how blessed I am to get to lead at Halls with the people I do. So I apologize. But at the same time, I am pumped to get to hang out with them (and all you other great leaders!) all weekend.

Three cheers for a mini vacay to hang out with YL leaders from all over the state at SharpTop Cove!

I'm excited to hang with my team and all the others who do ministry in Knoxville, and all the others from all over Tennessee (including a couple of friends from high school!!) that I'll meet so soon.
And I'm excited to just get away. Niiiiiice.

I did work crew at STC when I was a junior in high school. Don't blame me if I walk around singing "We are the work crew, we serve the Lord and you..." all weekend. Old habits die hard.
And this was the last time I was there... senior year of high school. Cute.
And these are the people I am most excited to hang with. Obsessed.
Happy freakin' weekend!

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