Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A little rain...

It's been so dry here. And HOT. And sunny. For so long. And now that it's the biggest weekend of the year here in Knoxville, it pours. Stupid tropical storm Lee. But we don't let a little bit of rain (or a stinkin' monsoon) get us down! We've been through worse. Remember this and this?
So, despite the rain, it was a BIG Labor Day weekend here in Knoxvegas.

First UT game of the year- there was absolutely no way to be prepared for you. I was hot, hot, hot and sweaty. Then soaking wet and freezing. But you were worth it. I think. Temporary misery for a life long memory? I hope that's how that works anyway.

The "T"- I'm talking to you, band members, not that wonderful bus that drives us lazy college students around. This was definitely towards the top of my reasons-to-be-excited-for-the-football-game list. And it you didn't happen! For the second time in 300 home games since the tradition started. Such a bummer.

UT football team- Thanks for not being superstitious and dominating even though the game didn't start too smoothly.

White dress I wore on Saturday- Thanks for nothin'!!

Waffle House- Thank you for being so close. And for always being open. And for letting us hang out after games.

Oregon- I only cheer for you because your uniforms ROCK. Just needed to get that off my chest.

Northstar- Every Sunday I am thankful that I go to church where I do. Thanks for always giving me something to think about.

Delaney- We may not be great at studying together, but we sure do rock at making dinner and inventing desserts. Forget elementary ed, wanna open a restaurant instead??

Game time decisions- Thank you for leading us to Boomsday. Glad we were so in sync on Sunday night.

Boomsday- You are my favorite night of the year. (Maybe not really very favorite, but easily top 5). You did not disappoint this year. I do believe this was the best year yet. Keep 'em coming.

Weather- thanks for proving me right when I swore it never stormed at Boomsday. We took your sprinkles in stride.

Annual Boomsday dance party- I have absolutely no words for you.

Labor day- Quite possible the dreariest Labor day to date. Literally did not get out of my jammers until 6:00. But I don't think there is anything better than watching movies, eat popcorn, and snuggling with the roomies all day long. But you know what? How rare is it that we get to take a day to just do nothing? So I think rainy Labor day, you were a blessing in disguise!!

Now, in picture form:

A little lake action to kick LBW off right. Please and thank you.

The Red Saile house (and Austin Thomas) LOVES the Vols.

BFFS GBO Need I say more?

Bulldogs turned Vols. Love.

Boomsday. What's not to love?

Gametime decision makers.

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