Monday, April 25, 2011

Remember that time there was a tornado?

Good gravy how 'bout that outta-nowhere-what-the-heck-just-happened pop-up storm we had today? 
It went from a windows down, sunroof opened, reading at the boulevard kind of day to THAT.
I was at the double drive through Chick-fil-a enjoying some free sandwiches (thanks for lovin' college kids CFA!) and chilling on the patio talking to my friend. We started noticing some lightning, but thought we'd wait it out. That was until the people sitting next to us food blew into our laps. We decided to head for my house. Next thing you know, we were stranded in flash-floods-hail-lightning-wind-thunder-rain storm. In our cars. The fire department was going to crazy while we sat at a traffic light f.o.r.e.v.e.r. My hands were shaky and the Jetta was about to blow away with me in it.
All HAIL was breaking loose. I'm pretty sure.
We made it home safely. Finally. But man oh man it was scary.

And Knoxville is in shambles.

I'm thinkin' this is good enough reason for no class tomorrow...

My friend's house. Glad she was here and not standing in the street when it happened!
Confession: I stole these pictures from some friends. Goodness. Glad we are all okay.

We are now housing some friends who don't have power. And googling lyrics to rap songs as we sing along and eat popcorn. Welcome to college. I love laughing with my roommates.
"It's your flippy whippy man wah."

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