Saturday, April 16, 2011


Isn't it crazy how perfect God's plan is?
I did NOT wanna be a leader at Halls. I had no reasoning, I just didn't know anything about it so I didn't want to be there...Here I mean. Because here is where I am.
And it's crazy perfect because Halls fits just right. I love it here. I love doing ministry here. I love the community. I love the high school kids here. I love red. I love the challenge. I love it all. But the thing I love to love the most is my team.

Best freaking team in the world!!!! I know y'all know this already. I hope you don't hate me for the amount of this blog space that is spent on my YoungLife team (that ROCKS).

Quest graduation was last night.

 Our littles! Can't even describe how obsessed we are with Tex, Jessica, and Katey.
They represented us so well walking across that stage last night. So proud of our kiddies!

Then we had team overnight aka my favorite night of the year.

The torrential monsoon couldn't stop us. Between climbing in and out of cars, switching bags to different cars, leaving two teammates at the YL house (oopsies. Side note: we only went to Jason's, so they made it there fine), dropping gym shorts on the ground, jumping in puddles, and dancing in the rain... we were soaked (and kinda/very much freezing) but we were on our way! the tiniest cabin in the middle of the boonies.
Seriously tiny. Pretty much one room. We were c-o-z-y.
Absolutely perfect.

I claimed to have peed my pants more times than I can count with these people.

Prank calling (so we're in our 20s and still making prank calls- who cares?!),
I have NOT laughed so hard in a loooooong time. And I laugh A LOT. Laugh HARD a lot too. Really. Pee pants moment number 378 right here:
"Shame on Kroger" for them daggum bad apples!

eating, eating, eating, (no pictures of this because anyone who woulda been playing with the camera was stuffing their face),

playing THE question game,
This picture is pretty much the most accurate description of the game.

talking until our eyes literally closed.
Their our eyes are open here. But this was many, many, many hours before the final whisper was said

and staying up wayyyyyy too late.

Note the rained on look. So glad these people don't just love me for my looks.

We shared so much with each other. It's crazy that not only am I learning new things about our n00bs (all-stars), but also my 'mates I've know for two years now (how in the world has it been that long already?!).
I really wish I could describe more, but what happens on team overnight stays on team overnight :)
I'm finding that really, it's indescribable. Words can't begin to depict how much I stinkin' love 'em.

Funniest/best-looking/greatest/most awesome team EVER!

But they are also the reason why I have had zero energy today and am looking at 10:00 pm as if it is 4 o'clock in the morning. Good thing today was yucky anyway. I love having no desire to stay up late on the weekends.

Night, night bloggies!

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