Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday, Funday!

Happy Monday, Bloggies! 
Hope y'all all had a great freakin' weekend!
Gosh, I sure did. 
And a pretty durn good Monday, too.
I'm obsessed with spring. 
I don't have allergies, and I don't mind my white car being green, so as far as I can tell, I've got no reason not to like it.
Walks (lots of 'em)
Strawberry cupcakes (De-to the-licious)
Cheap corndogs- don't judge me.
I love food.

Currently I'm stranded on campus. How this happens, I'm not sure. But here I sit. Alone in the amp. Weird.
That's how come I am just typing out whatever comes to mind, I think.
This is a pretty easy week, I think (again). I maybe wouldn't even know if I had stuff due anymore. (Sorry, Mom)
Finals are just around the corner. I know this for a fact.
Easter is this weekend.
No school Friday.
Abby's wedding is TWO months from today. I can already hear the wedding bells...
Good gravy, life is good. 
Why do I forget this sometimes?
I really don't know.
I have got to have the most spastic thoughts of anyone in the world. 
Thanks for stickin' around to read 'em.
You're welcome for all the profound thoughts of the day.
Y'all rock.
Over and out.
About this time last year. Can't wail 'till this becomes everyday again.

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