Thursday, April 7, 2011

Talk-y talk

I get to do one of my most favorite things in the whole wide world today. It's my turn to talk at YoungLife club! And I get to talk about the resurrection. About how Jesus didn't stay dead after he was killed! Good gravy, that's amazing! And I get to share it with all my high school friends tonight.
It's crazy how much I love these kids. I want them to get it so bad. In the past two years I've gone from not knowing where Halls is, not to mention a single person from there, to loving the high school kids there like they were family.
So tonight at approximately 8:53 I'll get to stand up in front of them and tell them about Jesus. And how he's alive!
I am so excited. Not nervous yet. Just pumped. And honored. I know I will be nervous. I always am. (I always consider running for the bathrooms to keep from peeing my pants during the content songs). But for now I'm just ready to share with my friends.
I hope we have a good club.
My teammates will set me up so well. I know it. They rock.
I'm ready to bring it. Lehhh go!

Also, according to a Twitter study, Tennessee is the happiest state in the good ol' USofA. Fist pumps and leg kicks for being from a happy place :)

 How can you not be happy when this is the life you get to live?

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