Monday, April 4, 2011

What you've all been waiting for

Since the little blog is looking a bit gray with all these words and not so many pictures, I thought I'd go ahead and throw some SBXI love out there.
Spring break '11 was SO fun. I adored being with my best friends and not having to think about a single thing. Beautiful.
It did start out a little rough with us having a mini disaster in which we ended up spending the first night on my aunt's mother-in-law's condo floor. But praise Jesus it was for the best! Instead of ending up in trashy and totally 100% out of our league Panama City, we got to stay in relaxing, family oriented, much more our style Sea Grove Beach. Perfect.
We talked and read and laughed and took pictures and ate and played in the ocean and ran from jellyfish and went on walks and dance (a lot) and ate ice cream & McDonald's and followed sharks aka copia fish down the beach and watched dolphins and watched basketball (including seeing TN lose big time and putting $10 on our brackets, only to all lose that too) and watched the Bachelor and tried our best to be college-y and stay up late (but failed) and flew kites (thanks neighbs) and loved loved loved the sun and sand and water and beach. Mmmm... I miss it mucho.
SBXI in picture form:

Our first night. A little traumatic. In bed by 9:30.
Fist pumps and legs kicks for finally having our own home sweet home

 Happy faces 'cause we l-o-v-e spring break!

 Such cute friends I have. (Not to sound like Yoda)

We still support our team-even though they lose.

Sandbar love.
For all y'all who are wondering, I am sore today. Oww. Stairs are my arch nemesis right now. But other than wanting to sit down and not move again, I fell great! Yippee for surviving!

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