Friday, April 1, 2011

This is NOT an April Fool's Day Post

First of all, if you want to get someone on April Fool's Day, I'm your girl. No joke, I fall for 99% of the jokes played on me (today and always actually). But this one little day of the year I always try to be more cautious/less trusting/questioning of everything, yet the trust everyone/gullible/naive/dumb blonde part of me always still finds a way to prevail on this horrible first day of April. So, with all that being said, you want to feel good about yourself by making someone else look stupid for believing your trick? Here I am world. Waiting to be your source of entertainment. You're so very welcome.
But since this isn't an April Fool's Day post, I want y'all to know... OUR NEW YOUNGLIFE LEADERS STINKIN' ROCK!!!! Disclaimer: I'm sorry for all/any of you people out there who are on YoungLife teams too, because I am on, hands down, the absolute best team in the world. I will say very confidently that we are the closest team in Knoxville. We literally talk every day- you should see our thread- out.of.control. I'm know without a doubt that y'all's teams are great too, mine is just the greatest :) I don't wanna sound like I'm bragging, just super blessed.
Now I gotta admit something... since our team was so awesome and so close and so in sync and doing so well, I wasn't super duper pumped about getting new leaders. I mean I was excited. But only kinda. It's like being excited for the inevitable so you might as well embrace it...? I don't know, either way, they faaaaaaar exceeded my expectations for them. They are a-to the-ewsome. I mean that 100%.
Oh yeah, who are they? Katey McBride, Jessica Renfro, and Tex Fry.
I wish I had pictures of our Wednesday night advertures, but one of my awesome teammates hasn't uploaded them to the good ol' FB yet for me to steal. That's okay, you can still tell they are rockin' just by their names.

I freaking LOVE them!!

This was the Halls team when I first got placed. Good gravy we have changed so much.

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