Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 Bucket List

For your listening pleasure while you read. Ya know, since this is our last year or life and all. Psh, yeah right.

I figure if this is my last year to live (insert sarcasm here), I might as well make a list of all the things I wanna do this year. I'm sure I'll feel the need to add on, but this is it for now!

Kiss under the mistletoe. Might as well take advantage of that hanging greenery, right?
Be a "regular" somewhere. (Although I think Tyler knowing our drink orders- and names!- every Thursday night at Steak 'n Shake might be as close as I get). But I wanna be able to "have the usual."
Own an iphone. Once they make them a little less fragile.
Freaking finish an entire tube of chapstick instead of losing it.
Surf. Gnarly.
And jump the wake on the wakeboard. So close... yet so, so far away.
New Years in Times Square. My friends did it and complained about standing up for 14 hours straight. But I have much more endurance than them.
Write in wet cement. Rebel.
Solve a Rubix cube. A (blonde) girl can dream, right?
Skydive. Duh.
Take a homeless person to dinner.
Spend an entire day watching Disney movies. This can happen over Christmas break. I have no doubt.
I'm pretty confident it's time to start (wish I'd never stopped) training for another half. Who's with me this time??
Eat at In-n-Out.
Celebrate every holiday.
Knit a scarf. AND finish.
Shoot a gun.
Watch a meteor shower. Coool.
Eat pizza in Chicago and NYC. Then form my own opinion on which is best. 
Spend the night on top of Max Patch without a tent. Oh hey stars.
Play tennis. Love.
Read. A lot. (Give me some recommendations! I gotta fill this Kindle up!)
Be intentional. Be intentional. Be intentional.
Figure out how to rock skinny jeans. Just. Can't. Do. It.
Read through the whole Bible (again).
Less time on "things" more time on people.
Change a life.
Ride a mechanical bull. I mean this in a total not trashy way. Are mechanical bulls trashy? I think they probably are. But I wanna do it.
Swim in the ocean at night. Insert Jaws theme song here.
Seize every opportunity.

This is still one of my favorite posts ever. And I'd love to (try to) keep these resolutions in good ol' 2012.  

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