Saturday, December 17, 2011

Eat Mor Chikin

This is the story about that time I decided I never wanted to eat Chickfila again.
Okay, not really. I still love Chickfila. But I DID threaten.

We had an adventure to our first ever Chickfila grand opening!
I don't know if y'all knew this, but the "First 100" who get to a Chickfila the day before it opens by SIX A.M. (that's early homies) win free CFA for a year.
Holy fried chicken goodness, I may be a bit Chickfila brainwashed, but I can't think of a single thing better than that!

So me, accompanied by 5 friends who are girls and 11 boys who are also friends, went to Nashville for their brand spankin' new Chickfila.
And we had an adventure.
The *freezing* morning stated with us waking up in Franklin, TN at 4:20, and driving to Nashville. There ended up being more than 100 people there by 6 so they handed out raffle tickets and had a drawing. Me and my friend Jessie are the two unlucky ones who did not win, but fortunately our dear friends had decided in advance to split whatever winnings we had amongst all of us. So we ended up with 35 free combo meals each. I'll take it.The girls were 4 of 6 and the boys went 7 of 11. Therefore girls are better and luckier. But all around, not too shabby.
So Chckfila allows guests to stay with the Top 100 winners so Jessie and I weren't forced to roam the streets of Nashville for 24 hours. No, instead all 17 of us (plus the other 181 humans) were corralled into the parking lot of the CFA and not allowed to leave for 24 hours. And it was a blast!
We set up our tent (with the help of our new friends- some older men. Not sketchy at all!) and spent the day playing. We read and talked and threw the football and had a cornhole tournament and threw the Frisbee and played spades and Uno and danced and had relays and almost got blown away in our tent (and chased down our little yellow tent multiple times) and ate Chickfila until it was coming out our pours. For every meal- including a snack! And sweet tea to drink... all. day. long. That is why I claimed to never eat it again.
But we all know I love Chickfila way too much to follow through with that. And it's more than their food, although I'm obsessed with that too. It's the way they treat their costumers. They were genuinely thankful to have us there. And they took care of us. And let us know how much they appreciated us. It really is an incredible business. Three cheers for Chickfila!

That is all of our stuff. 6 girls. 24 hours. Roughin' it.

The gang's all here (minus 2)

The Halls team LOVES Chickfila

Us after we got our coupons. After 24 hours in the parking lot. We have an excuse for looking so rough.

So, the question I've received multiple times is of course, "Was it worth it?" And I have to honestly say, yes it was. I would for sure do it agian. It was an experience and it was just so fun. I want to tell everyone I know to go to an opening, but then the odds of me being drawn drastically go down. But let's be honest, I'm already incredible unlucky, so I might as well spread the word so all my dear friends can experience this chicken goodness.
Eat mor chikin, folks.

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