Wednesday, February 16, 2011

D.C. Chillin'

2011. The year of no regrets. A month and a half into it and I can honestly say, so far, so good.
Especially after this past weekend.

Ten college girls, two Megabus rides, 100 mph gusts of wind, three maps (mis)read, five (or 1) memorable Brazilians,  two long days,  ten thousand important monuments, way too many optical illusions, one car wreck, eight delicious cupcakes (for breakfast), countless cool museums, 26.1 miles walked, one time-crunched-super-panicked-almost-missed-the-bus cab ride, two fancy hotel rooms, and one HUGE city.

Let me just be honest for a second. This is probably going to end up being one of those comments I should "filter," but it's happening anyway. I didn't realized D.C. was so... big. Like, it's huge. I was thinking it was going to be pretty small. Like Knoxville size-ish. But it's giant. And there is SO much to see. And so many sidewalks to be walked. And let me tell you, I'm pretty sure we saw it all and walked it all.
Anyway, words really can't do it justice, so I'll let these pictures try... 

We started the day off right at about 7a.m. Good morning D.C.!

Maps are our friends... if only we could read them

First stop: The Capitol. Looks 57 miles closer than it actually is.

If only we looked this cheerful to be walking all day

Hip hip hurray for D.C.!

Us imitating the Washington Monument (I finally learned what it's called)

Here, we'll hold it up for you.

Giant pizza


Fist pumps and leg kicks for being in D.C.! (Thanks for teaching us how to show our emotion so much better, Today's Letters!)

Our mini Lincoln pennies with big giant Lincoln statue

Good ol' Rocky Top (Whoo)

Thank you feet. We could not have done it without you.
We came, we saw, we laughed, we walked, we took pictures, we talked, we got lost, we smiled, we hung out being bestest friends and having the times of our lives. So thankful for this time of my life. Thankful for roadtrips and friends and laughter and memeories and trips to the nation's capitol that I will never ever forget. No regrets.

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