Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sports again?

I swear I'm not a psycho sports fan. But tonight is a big one. UNC VS DUKE! If you cheer for Duke, I'm sorry, but we are not friends today. The Fab Four have all grown up rooting for the Heels. They were our favorite team even before we could speak. We all cheered for North Carolina for years before we realized it was okay to cheer for Tennessee too. Maybe you think I'm kidding... but I'm not.
It's all thanks to this guy.
And this girl? ------------------------------->
Her initials are ACC. For North Carolina's conference. No joke. It was intentional. We are fans. And since Duke- or as I like to call it, Puke- is our rival, tonight's a big night. Go Heeeeels!

In other news, it's supposed to snow again tonight. Jammers inside out tonight, everyone! After tonight NO MORE SNOW! Come onnnn Summa!

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