Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's a wonderful day for a BIRTHDAY!

It is totally and completely FREEZING today. AND our "1-3 inches of snow" is non-exsistent. AND North Carolian lost last night. BUT today is one of the Fab Four's birthdays. Therefore making it a fantastic day! The one I've known the longest, for my whole entire life (minus 17 oh so short months). HAPPY TWENTITH BIRTHDAY, DREW! Good gosh I can't believe he's twenty! He's not a teenager anymore. This is so cliche, but I feel so old!
He can juggle. As if we needed more proof he's cooler than me
Drew. Wow. So much to say about the kid (or not so much a kid these days). Literally 99.9% of my memories from childhood involve him in someway. I refused to call him "Drew" for the first couple years of his life. He was just "Baby", or eventually "Babe Dew" to me. We grew up running up and down the muddy slopes of "The Little Grand Canyon" in the back of the neighborhood. We built forts (equipt with holes in the walls for him to pee out of- one more thing of probably TMI...) and treehouses and swings out of rope and sticks. We had lemonade stands and smashed pennies on the railroad tracks. We would sneak out of bed and lay on our stomachs and whisper to each other from our doorways, out of earshot of our parents until late into the night (realistically our "late nights" were probably over by 9:30). We learned how to play every sport together. We seriously did so much of our growing up side by side. This was quite annoying to me most of the time since I AM seventeen ENTIRE months older... But looking back, I'm so glad I had him by my side.

Apples to Apples words ALWAYS describe the person 
We are so so different. Maybe even opposites. But I am so thankful for him and all the memories we share. I pray that my own kids will get to grow up with a sibling so close in age. There is absolutely nothing better. I will never ever forget his sacrifice in a friendship for me. Drew means more to me then he will ever know.

Happy birthday Drew Bear!! Love you so much.

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