Thursday, February 24, 2011

This week. It's ova!

Do you ever have one of those "off" weeks? You know, the kind where it's just not super great? I hope so. I've had one.
This week has been looooong. I had a lot a lot to do. Yuck. Tuesday into Wednesday were not my finest days. At all. But good gracious, how grateful I am for friends! Y'all, I seriously have the best/most thoughtful/most caring/all around greatest friends in the world. I love that they take the time to recognize when I'm struggling. They recognize it when I'm not myself. And encourage. And love. And relate. And remind. And are simply amazing.
I've been told I'm hard to read. Which maybe is true. But not for those who know me. Who really know me. I wear my heart on my sleeve. If you've had a single conversation with me this week, or even looked my direction, you've probably noticed I've just been bleh. If you really know me that is. And if you (and you know who you are, there are quite a few of you) took the time to love me so well this week, thank you. I hope I will be able to repay you as well if you ever have an "off" week anytime soon. If you are one of those who read this and didn't notice, it's okay. I understand. We all have busy lives. And we are all so consumed and wrapped up in our own, it's shocking we ever notice anyone else at all. Nevertheless, I hope to love you as well in the future as the ones that loved me this week.
I've found myself praying for thoughtfulness all week. In order to love everyone the way I've been.
Y'all are beyond the greatest. More thankful for you than watching little kids jump in puddles, burned CDs, falling asleep to rain, and getting to hang out with my favorite high school friends tonight!

Sometimes life can be so hard. But it is still so so good. Nowhere perfect, but good. 

On rainy days like this, I live for these sunny day memories! Warm weather. And studly boys.

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