Sunday, February 20, 2011

Livin' for the weekends

Goodness whatta weekend it's been. I actually can't believe it's STILL the weekend. How weird. It has been absolutely b-e-a-utiful though. I'm praying so hard for it to stay Spring-ish and not go back to cold again. February is almost over and let's just forget about March "coming in like a lion..." can't we just skip to the lamb part? The rest of this week is supposed to be okay. Not freezing or anything. So I think I can probably survive.
So this weekend. Our rockin' YL club on Thursday night kicked the weekend off right (I'm not counting that one measly class on Friday mornings). I got to spend some time at Sarah Moore Greene, love the time I get there, kinda pretending to be a teacher. After that I ended up ON A BOAT! You read that right people- February 18th and we were on the lake! Holla! The absolutely insane boys wakeboarded. I cuddled in their sweatshirts and took pictures. Gosh, it was like summer all over again. No joke. Come on marchapirlandmay! I feel like it's so close. Yet so far. The little boating outing was the perfect taste to hopefully last me through the rest of winter (gag). After that, my weekend got even better with FREE CHIPOTLE! I love this place. And they most know they are in a close running with the Moe's on Northshore because those guys gave me free food. They must've been concerned for my health because no one in the place wanted me not to eat. (See, I had forgotten my money and although my friends offered to pay multiple times,  I was just gonna hold off. But once the manager stepped in and offered it on the house? Who can resist that?!) With all that being said, I am not a regular at Chipotle on the strip. They know my name. And they aren't forgetting it anytime soon. And I am a-okay with that.
Saturday we went hiking. Goodness I love this place. I love having mountains right in my backyard. We don't take advantage of them as much as we should. But we hiked the icy/muddy Chimneys. Quite an adventure. But ohsofun. I can't wait to go back. Maybe next weekend? Any takers? Be warned: I'm climbing to the second chimney this time. :)
Then a cookout and watching the slam dunk competition last night. Despite being 100% out of it, it was quite enjoyable. I just like being around people. But I was exhausted. (I might need to learn to say "no" sometimes- but then again, I can sleep when I'm dead, right?).
One of my very favorite parts of the weekend came today after church (always good) and after studying (always bad) when we played socca! This is another part of spring that I live for. Sunday afternoon pickup soccer games. So good. Nothin' like celebratory victory dances and yelling "goooooooal" with friends.
I had such a great weekend. I'm not sure this is particularly interesting to read, but I needed a break from studying and just wanted to blog about how good life is. And it is so good, don't chya think?

I hope y'all made your life an adventure this weekend.

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