Monday, February 21, 2011

Three cheers for Trevor Bayne!

This kid won the Dayton 500 yesterday. 

Not only is he the the youngest winner ever, totally cute, and loves Jesus, but also, he's from Knoxvegas!! 

Who even knew I was a racing fan? Not me. Actually no one did because I wasn't a fan until yesterday. But that's okay, I have since arrived. Bring on the earplugs and wife-beaters. Sure, I'll be a self-proclaimed redneck for this guy! 

Now, I don't personally know him (I kinda wish more than anything that I did), but I know people who know him! 15 to be exact- according to Facebook :)
Seriously, this kid is so great, not only from what I've seen on the news and read, but also from what I hear from people who know him first hand. He is using this new-found fame as a opportunity to share his faith. How neat. 
Trevor is the biggest thing that has happened to Knoxville since the Vols winning the SEC Championship in '98 or Kenny Chesney stopping concerts at the fair after having big hits on the radio. Knoxville is in an uproar. Everyone is so pumped. Billboard have his name on 'em. He's all over the radio and TV. Proud to have a local boy making it big. Way to go Trev!

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