Monday, February 7, 2011

Is it lunchtime yet?

My team won!!! I've always been a Packers fan :)
More importantly, fav. comercial: Definitely the VW one. With the kid dressed up as Darth Vader. Winner.
Granted, it was quite crowded where I watched the game, and I'm not usually one of few words, so I did miss probably about 80% of the commericals. I just had too much to discuss. However, I'm pretty positive it doesn't get much better than that one.
Another highlight of the game (other than my team winning and all the socializing I accomplished), I found out who our neighbors are gonna be next year. And they are rockin'! I am so pumped to have two houses of handsome fellas move in right up the street. I love our little Red Saile road, and come June it's gettin' two times better! Neighborhood parites? You bet!
I am sad to admit that I miss the Black Eyed Peas. I had to run and pick up a friend. I can consul myself with the fact that apparently they were not great. At all. But I also hear that Usher made an appearance. Break my heart. He's quite possibly the love of my life. So I'll choose to overlook that fact.
Pretend like this says "2011"
My brother ran a FULL marathon. He's a beast.
In other completely unrealated news. To update y'all on my progress from this post, I have been able to keep moving. Somehow I recovered. And actually improved. I wasn't going to put this out here on the world wide web until I was sure I was going to commit to it. So here it goes. Drum roll please....
I'm gonna run a half marathon. The Knoxville half marathon to be exact. On April 3. Wanna join me? You can do it. Running. It's all mental. Go here and sign up!
Today I ran 7 miles. I'm exhausted. I'm not sure if I missed the "runner's high" this time or what. Or maybe it has something to do with going to bed at 1 and getting up at 7... I really don't know. It's been a long day. I feel like it's time to go to bed. But the good news is, I have official run a little bit over one-fourth of a marathon. Ay baybay. Not to shabby. Only 6.1 more to go now...

My thought of the day: Be kind to others today. 
Easy enough... right?

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