Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day weekend

It had been h-o-t HOT this weekend.
But yesterday was probably one of the top Memorial Days ever.
We were without my boat friend's boat all weekend, so my expectations weren't too high for this "unofficial kickoff of summer."
 But it was so great. We went to Midnight Hole. Ever heard of it?

Well basically, you go on a nice little mile and a half hike then reach this. You climb up on those huge rocks and jump off into the freezing water. It was SO fun. I wish I had taken pictures. Who am I?! A slacker I guess. But really, it was great.
Since we were with boys of course we had to go exploring and climb further up the river. And of course there has to be the token girl to faceplant on some rocks. So glad I could fill that role for everyone. You're welcome friends. That's why you bring me along. But you know what? It's not really summer if I don't have swollen, bruised, and bloodied knees. I'm just doing whatever it takes to welcome in the summer!

We also had a Memorial Day miracle and got to sit on the patio at Dead End for dinner. Yum. It was the perfect end to the day.

I can't wait to go again. 

Learn to enjoy every minute of your life.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yesterday's purchase...

I made the best purchase I have ever made in my 21 years of life (or at least the past week) yesterday.
And if you have even kinda been around me within the past 24 hours you already know what it is, if not,
insert drum roll here...

I got some roller blades!!!!!!
 Oh yes! Why walk when you can roll?! And now, I can roll baybay.

And you know what maybe the best part is? They were only FOUR DOLLHAIRS at Goodwill. Gosh, gotta love that place. 
So, I'm ready to hit the wide open road, blaze some trials, do some shredding.
If you have anything with wheels- a long board, a bike, a skateboarders, some of your own roller blades and/or skates, basically anything but a car ('cause that just wouldn't be fair), strap on your helmet, knee, elbow, and wrist pads- you know I'll need 'em all- and come join us!
Fist pumps for being on wheels and having a Greenway in the backyard. Hollaaaa!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Just another summertime adventure

Question: What's the best way to get soaked and cold and scraped and bruised and muddy and filthy and have the absolute best time of your life?! 
Answer: Spelunking!

I would usually say "caving", but "spelunking" just sounds so much more hardcore. And clearly, that's what we are.  
Who doesn't love climbing down rocks, swimming through dark water, belly crawling through tight spaces, and slipping down a straight mud slide?
My friends learned quickly not to let me hold the expensive any flashlight as I fell and dropped the same one underwater... twice. But it kept working! That's what I call resilient!

Good gosh, I just love summer.

Also, pray for all my dear friends who are on their way with their high school friends to Frontier Ranch right now. They are going to have the best week of their lives!

Happy freakin' weekend! 
(I'm actually quite impressed with myself that I know what day of the week it is)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

And the winner is...

... Scotty McCreery!
Most of y'all probably don't even know what I'm talking about.
American Idol- to fill you in.
Yes, I still watch it.
Yes, if I miss it, I'll catch up on TiVo. 
Yes, more than just the "bad rounds" where all you do is laugh at people.
Yes, I like love it.

And my for the first time ever (since Carrie Underwood) my fav won! Wahoo Scottie!

(Thanks Google image)

I feel like I know him. Really. He loves Jesus. And gave Him credit. He's so humble and sweet and thoughtful and calm. I'm hoping he'll fall in love forever with the runner-up named Lauren Alaina, ya know, since he's way too young for me. But they are both precious.
And incredibly talented. He sounds kinda like Josh Turner. His voice is real deep. And country.
Sorry JB, he's my new 17 year old crush. (I hope that's okay to admit on the blog...)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I'm loving right now...

...in this exact moment, I'm loving:

... wearing blue nail polish. I figure a year from now when I'm in the big girl world, I won't be able to paint my finger nails colors like this. So I'm livin' it up while I can.
... this big huge red umbrella I am sitting under on our backporch. Can I please spend every day of the summer under this thing?
... coffee. Mmmm...
... today. The past two hours have been full of really sweet time, and it's just getting started.
... hair in a messy bun. It's going to be one of those days.
... the smell of the fresh cut grass from the neighb's. Yum.
... my Moleskine journal. Love everything about it.
... Radical. Almost.finished.
... the Bachelorette starting. And when I say "loving it", I really mean loving to hate it. But can't stop.
... not really having a plan for the day. I just wanna sit on the porch and drink coffee and talk.

I'm loving this Tuesday. Hope today is just so great Bloggies!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Update

After my weekend hiatus I am back! Goodness, this weekend seems like it's been a month long. So full. But so good and fun.
And if you are reading this, I guess you didn't get raptured. Me neither. So since we are all still here, I'll continue my humble little blog...

My all-star sister starred in a play. I'm sure she'll win an Oscar for that performance. Gotta love fifth grade plays. Enthralling. But really, if you want to have your self-esteem built up, go to a fifth grade class at A.L. Lotts, I don't remember the last time I've been told, "You're so pretty" so many times in such a short span of time.
Then the champions had their end of year party. After legit creating a pizza sauna in my car with 12 Little Caesars pizzas, I got to hang out with these champs.
Unfortunately this is the biggest "group picture" we got. I guess that's what you get for letting the kids take over the camera.
...because why wouldn't you look at the person next to you instead of smiling at the camera?!
  I'm going to miss these kids so much. Now that my mom is leaving inner-city elementary I don't know what I'm going to do. I really want to find a new way to stay involved in the lives of kids like this. I know there's Big Brother Big Sisters and Boys and Girls Club and many others, I'm just not sure which ones would be the best for me. Any suggestions??

I finally learned how to Fishtail. Who knew it was so easy?!
After party time, I got to spend some good time on the lake. The water was wayyyy to cold for me to even think about getting in. But it was still so nice to ride on the boat. After having classy dinner at Dead End (here's my plug for Dead End- if you haven't been, go. Now. Absolutely delicious. Really. Love) in our bathing suits, we had one of those nights where you just laugh and giggle and talk and love life with best friends.

We had our first shower for miss bride to be. Brunch was tasty. I would eat it every single day if I could. Mark my words. It was just so fun to get to celebrate her. Less than a month until my sweet friends are married! Unbelievable.
We headed back to the lake after the shower. (Catching a theme in my life?) I love summer.

Then we went to another one of my favorite summer things, the drive-in. The South at our best right there. I love the drive-in. I'll go back next weekend too. I still kept my record going for never having made it through the second movie. I fell asleep on the gravel this time. That was a mistake. I have bruises.
Church and friends and a new umbrella and birthdays. We enjoyed our back porch with good friends. That is probably my favorite part of our house. Please come sit with us on our back porch anytime. This is officially and open invite to all my readers :)
And it was this girl's birthday! ------------------------>
What a cutie!
This is what she really looks like.
And I love her. My sweet roommate Sarah Hope. We got to celebrate her last night. And it was so fun! She got a new bike that she oh so thoughtfully parked in the middle of the hallway so we can all look at it everyday. But really, I love living with you Soap. And celebrating your birthday was so fun. I'm thankful for good friends an reasons to hang out and laugh. Love you Soap, happy birthday!

Such a fun weekend. Now happy Monday, Bloggies! I hope this week is just as good for all of you as this weekend was for me.
I'm so thankful we are so blessed.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


It's getting warmer!! Today we laid out*, got sonic drinks and $1 ice cream cones, wore shorts and t-shirts, and drove with the windows down and sunroof open-  
tis the season!

The Red Saile house is going through major changes. Little miss bride to be is gone and rooms are being traded like crazy.
The lesson of the day:
Make sure the shades of green paint are the same when attempting to cover up holes in the walls...
(Get ready real world, we are going to be a part of you in ONE year. Oh dear that is terrifying for you and me both.)

Some other highlights of this summer day were:

attempting (and semi-succeeding) to learn how to do this,
My hair looks pretty much exactly like this (NOT)
crying silently over this,


               Memorable guests on Oprah today. My oh my, bring on the Kleenex!

adding this to the "to do" list,

Can you say de-to the-licious?!
and looking forward to this,

C'mon upper 80s!

Mmmm, sweet summa time!

*so it was cloudy and chilly, that's okay! We were still in our bathing suits by the pool.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You know that saying...

...the one that goes, "April showers bring May flowers." (What do May flowers bring? Pilgrims hahahah...)
Well now we in Knoxville know that a quite similar saying goes, "April mega-storms bring May winters!" We're still trying to work out the flow of it, ya know, make it rhyme all nice. But that's all we've got right now.
But really. What in the world? I had to bring back out the jeans and pullovers for these past few days. Goodness
Fortunately for us, summer round two is supposed to kick back into gear starting tomorrow. Fist pumps and leg kicks for that! Finally summer can be as it's meant to be.


Oooh to be here again...

Monday, May 16, 2011

GameTime in Tennessee

The other day started as if it was going to just be another one of those days that doesn't really add anything to your life. You know those days? I hope so. Saturday was almost one of them.

GameTime in Tennessee at Neyland Stadium was Saturday and it was uhh-mazing. I am so proud of all the hard work and effort lots and lots people put into making it a success.

Y'all. If you didn't go- for any reason- you missed out. Big time. You have GOT to be there next year.

They did sports camps and gave concerts and it was all free.

But the best part is, they told people about Jesus.
Roger Woods, Chris Walker, Nick Reveiz, and Sarah VanSickle were incredible. I loved hearing their passion and enthusiasm.
Someone said that athletes will have more influence in a year than many pastors will have in their entire lives. How sadly true this is. But how encouraging is it that there are athletes that are will and able and want more than anything to share the gospel with others?! Wow.

I decided not to be a counselor for the event because I really wanted to bring some kids with me (but I sure did question that decision...) I begged, and I mean begged, my mom to bring some of her students from Sarah Moore Greene. Being the charming pain in the butt I am, I got my way, and convinced her to bring two of them along.

Well all day it was cloudy and rainy and gross. But the skies cleared right before the event was set to begin. We all were so glad and praised God for being sovereign and in control of the weather. I was so glad not to be sitting in the rain and silently thanked God for clearing the skies and bringing people to the stadium for something other than football. However, it didn't stay that beautiful clear.
Clouds rolled in and it POURED. Rained like crazy. But you know what, people stayed. They STAYED! They moved up under the covering, but they stayed!
My mom, Addie, Sam, the two girls from SMG, and I actually left to eat but got a texts from one of my mom's friends saying she was on her way so we went back. Probably the best God-intervention we've ever had.

Anyway, Sarah was talking and I wish so bad I could remember everything she said because she absolutely killed it. Wow. That girl has some passion. But she was talking about the rain and kinda being confused why God would let that happen and how He wanted warriors who would stay through the rain but the most b-e-a-utiful rainbow appeared behind her. Here it is:
I wish pictures did it justice...
Our God is an awesome God!

The final speaker gave a message of conviction and redemption. But the best part was, my brother, my precious little baby SamSam ACCEPTED CHRIST! So did the two girls we brought with us from Sarah Moore Greene! NOW it makes perfect sense why I just had to get my mom to bring them along. Also why I had to go with them and not be a counselor. Oh, it was just so awesome. And I am so, so thankful for this event!

I am thankful for people like the ones who put this together. Who aren't afraid to dream big. Who take risks and take chances. Who pour time and money and effort and love into reaching people. Who trust God to come through for them in every circumstance.
People like this are such inspiration and I am beyond thankful for this event and their lives.

So that day that I thought would be just another one of those lame days, turned out to be a huge day in my life, but even bigger in the lives of three of my favorite elementary schoolers.

I guess what I'm really trying to say, is there are no insignificant days. Everyday counts. So just keep that in mind.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


This is a safe place right? I think so. So I thought I'd share some confessions. I read it on another blog and it inspired me to do the same. Enjoy.

  • If you know how to shut a door quietly, I secretly do fist pumps and leg kicks in your honor. Thanks for not being a slammer.
  • I have a bag of Gummy Bears by my bed. Sometimes Lots of times I wake up in the middle of the night hungry, so I eat them.
  • I actually despise Subway. Please don't make me eat there.
  • Every morning when I wake up I feel like my teeth are going to fall out. RIP retainer.
  • I pull my eyebrows when I think really hard- they are looking a little sparse thanks to finals.
  • Sometimes I watch channel 21- the news on repeat- just because I like knowing what's going on.
  • I always read tweets on my phone after my alarm goes off to motivate me to get out of bed in the morning.
  • I claim to not like almonds, but I actually don't mind them all that much. I really don't know why I say this.
  • Sometimes I think about the Nazi's when I drive my Volkswagen And I feel bad.
  • I bite my nails.
  • I've asked for the same thing for the past 2 Christmases and birthdays and haven't gotten it. Call me perseverant.
  • I love love. I don't think this is a confession though.
  • I like to eat with little spoons and forks. In fact, I would rather wash a little spoon that is in the dishwasher than have to use the big giant clean spoon in the drawer.
  • I always get samples at ice cream stores- just so I can eat my ice cream with the little baby sample spoon.
  • I've had a running list of baby names I like since I was about 8.
  • I choose the mountains over the beach.
  • I love reality tv. Once again, probably not that much of a confession.
  • I cry in movies. Pretty much every movie that has even a remotely sad scene will have the people next to me whispering about the tears on my cheeks.
  • I like room temperature water.
  • I am far to easily distracted.
  • Despite what you see regarding my grammar on this blog, I actually get really annoyed when people don't use words correctly, specifically: your/you're.
  • Sometimes I'll stalk someone's facebook pictures all the way through.
  • I love American Idol. Love.
  • I cry every time I go to the dentist.
  • If Christmas music comes on shuffle on my Ipod, I don't change it.
I know. I am weird. But that's enough for now.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


"Sometimes you are just too busy living life to blog."

So, sorry these posts have been sporadic and spacey.

But so far this summer is TWO thumbs up. And it's only been one day.
And I'm about 99% sure it's only gonna get better.

I'm ready for some summer lovin'!
(By that I mean some of me lovin' some of summer- not like the summer lovin' from Greece. On second thought, I'd probably be open to some of that too)

Anyway, this summer has already been full of playing and friends and ice cream and sunburns and pools and sun and movies and cookouts and everything that is good. 
And right now it seems so endless. 

Ahhh, yay sweet, sweet summertime!

Monday, May 9, 2011

ALMOST summer!!!!

This post is just to say:

1. It is almost summer (even though basically everyone else is done and I still have two more tests- gag). But let the 14ish hour count down begin. Hip, hip, hoorayyyyy! Forgive the unnecessary enthusiasm. 13 hours in the library can mess with the mind.
2. I'm pretty sure I am going to die from this spider bite. Consider this y'all's chance to say goodbye. But really, it is creating a rash that is spreading like wildfire. Hopefully I'll at least make it through these last two finals.

Well, over and out Homies!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I must take a study break to give a shout out to:
  • the one that made me want to be a teacher
  • the one that gave me three clones of myself-that I love so much (okay, she had help with this one)
  • the hands down best teacher I know
  • the most creative and most like to help me in a help-I-hit-a-wall-and-can't-think-of-anything-cute-to-do crisis
  • the most obsessive ice chewer I know
  • the one that is oh-so-witty 
  • the one that makes me laugh. so much.
  • the one that I would chase a random car down Magnolia for- insert fearlessness here
  • the one that would tell me I would only need a "butterfly stitch" when my elbow skin was exposed to the bone- insert reasonable lying here
  • the BEST M&M cookie maker I know
  • the one who I know reads this blog, even if no one else in the world does
  • the one who change across town high school alliances for her kids (go Dawgs, go)
  • the one who loves her kids (biological and those in her class) like crazy
  • the one who drove me to YoungLife club when I was a freshmen and forced me to get out of the car- insert "where the heck would I be without that" face here
  • the one who has worn a scar on her stomach for 21 years because of me
  • Who gave me the name with too many Cs- insert "no it's actually -cie" here
  • the one that passed on:
    • blonde hair
    • embarrassingly bad math abilities
    • a love of reading
    • the problem of tears rolling down our legs if we laugh to hard
    • the uncanny ability to bruise in weird places
    • a love for gummy bears and M&Ms-and everything sweet come to think of it
    • a horrible sense of direction
    • a love of the mountains
    • a hate of water parks (but maybe that's not inherited, just a normal thing to hate swimming in thousands of other people's spit and pee. Ew.)
    • a need to chase crazy dreams
    • and incredible good looks :)
So here's to one of the most influential people in my life. Someone I love so much. Someone I am permanently indebted to. Someone who leads me, prays for me, encourages me, teaches me, loves me, and is my biggest fan.   

Here she is, in all her glory:
I know you love this one, Mom


Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I love you!

    Friday, May 6, 2011

    Happy Seis de Mayo!

    I had our very last YoungLife club of the semester (and the very last one with Spenser- ever) last night. Surprisingly, it was pretty uneventful. No tears or wails of sadness.
    But because of this I didn't get to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I don't like Mexican all that much, but I was so craving it yesterday. Bummer.
    But is was worth it.
    You know those naps when you wake up and think, "yes! now I can go conquer the world!" Well I love those. And I've had two of those in the past two days. I am hoping this trend continues.

    I'm trying really hard to live in the present. And not look forward to Tuesday. This is when my days will become full of watermelon, lake days, drive-in movies, cookouts, s'mores, soft serve ice cream, friends, days at the park, Spanish (but I'm going try to ignore that as much as I can), and hopefully a rockin' job!

    But as for now, it is the weekend!
    Tonight I get to have a sleepover with my awe-to the-some adoptive small group. These homies took me in and words cannot express how grateful I am for that. Seriously. I'm so glad they could fill exactly what I needed.
    So I am pumped!
    Also, there's another dance party this weekend.
    Ohhh how great it will be to have this wonderful break from studying!

    Log, Bec, and me breakin' it down.

    Choose joy.

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011

    Love-Hate Relationship with finals

    ...but mostly hate.
    But like I said yesterday, I kinda like 'em too. A little bit.
    Well I think it's because everyone is equally miserable. Kinda evil, huh?
    But it's kinda like that on rainy days too. Where everyone is nice to each other because we all just want to break down and shed a couple of tears. I hope I'm not the only one who wants to do this... a little bit....?

    So everyone seems a tiny bit nicer. Like, I don't know, life becomes another one of those High School Musical "We're All in This Together" moment for this week.

    We are all doing the same thing. Stressing, hating school, wanting summer, dreading tests, taking shots of caffeine, cramming, going delirious, hating the 30 minute rush hour internet limit at Panera, taking study breaks, and kicking exams in the butt.

    And I guess that's why I think it's a little bit fun.

    Now, I'm off to go finish cramming alllllll the Econ I did not pick up on this entire semester into my small mind.
    Because tomorrow I'm going to use Econ for the very last time EVER in my whole entire life. That is a guarantee. And all the haters out there can shut it because I'm going for an A (but if you aren't a hater keep your fingers on both hands and your toes and your arms and your legs and your whole entire body crossed that somehow by the grace of God-and Ken- I do get an A).

    MC=MR golden rule of economics. Got that down. Don't know what it means, but it's important.

    A+ here I come.

    Happy Humpday and good luck!

    Tuesday, May 3, 2011

    Just some quick pics

    No time to blog. Studying for finals is lame. This is something I'm not going to miss when I'm out in the real world (even though I kinda like it...). There's no way I am even attempting to explain that sentence. Anyway, since I must study and sleep, I thought I'd skip the words and just stick with some pictures for today...

    When will we ever outgrow awkward family photos...?

    Umm... Seriously?! Share the wealth, Kid.

    This isn't going to turn into a team bragging sesh. But I love her a lot.

    I'm keeping my fingers quiet (but these people rock)

    ............. love

    Half marathon runners! Almost missed 'em!

    So proud of my friendsies! They are all-star runners!
    And that's that.
    Good luck studying everyone! Coffee, gum, friend's left over Dining Dollars used towards pizza, umbrellas, and breaks of laughter are all your friends. Use them wisely.

    Monday, May 2, 2011

    Mondays Rock!

    ...wanna know why? Because no more class so every Monday is Saturday! Holla!

    I went to Nashville this weekend to celebrate the one year anniversary of the floods. Not really. But I did go. And it was a p-a-r-t-y! Photos to come later.

    For now, I'm still thinking about Osama being dead. I chaperoned a fourth grade field trip to see "African Cats" today. And it was actually good! (Not gonna hide it, I teared up a little bit... Typ) But it left plenty of room for thinking. And this is what I thought about...

    It's not natural to celebrate the death of a man, especially as a Christian, a man who dies apart from Christ. But I am thankful for, not the death of that man, but that the hatred and death he was about is over.
    I'm thankful that everything he represented is gone.

    Here's a free tip for any terriorist/bad guy who reads this blog and is set on killing innocent people unjustly: avoide May 1st. Hitler, Osama both didn't make it through those days. So watch out.

    The average girl married a prince and became a princess, and the bad guy got killed. The good guys win! So, as everyone else is saying, was Disney controlling the news this week? I'm about to pull out all our VHS's and rename the characters Kate, William, and Osama. 

    So we got Osama, now where's Waldo? And some please tell me where in the world is Carmen Sandiego??
     Apparently I'm reminiscing childhood memories today.

    So "Party in the U.S.A." can continue to play on throughout my house. As overall, it was a good weekend. Proud to be an American.

    It's my biffle's (BFFL= best friend for life) 21st birthday today!
    Here she is:
    She loves me. A lot. Promise.

    My computer is running on looooooow battery (that little warning just popped up and as I'm typing this, I realize I've never actually read it before. Weird.) But Because of that I must go. Also, I think it's a sign from God I need to go study Econ.

    So over and out!

    Happy Monday, Bloggies!

    Sunday, May 1, 2011

    Big News Weekend!

    Woooooow! This week is off to a big start (and I haven't even thought about finals...)
    My sleeping sched is all outta wack.
    First the royal wedding, now Osama Bin Laden is dead! What?!

    I feel like so, so rarely do people join around for collective good news. 
    And I love the news.
    And I love that I got a text to my phone from wbir that made me get out of bed and go turn on the news.
    And I love that social media networks are my favorite media source.
    And I love America.
    And I love that people haven't forgotten September 11 (I was in SIXTH grade- what the...?!)
    And I love that we can breathe a tiny sight of relief.
    And I love when the good guys win.
    And I love to support our troops.
    And I love when we can stand together and cheer for something good. Finally.
    So this is a happy day.
    Not just because Osama is dead, but because of the comradery that we get to experience as Americans in the following days.
    These are some of my favorite days.
    When we all do fist pumps and leg kicks just for being Americans.
    And being proud.
    I love the feeling of all of us cheering together.
    Loving this country.

    I actually just read this tweet: "We aren't celebrating death as much as we are celebrating the removal of the potential for more death."

    Now excuse me while I play "I'm Proud to Be an American" and dance around the house.

    Go 'Murica.