Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I took a blogging hiatus for the month of July. Why? Because I felt like it.
Anyway, I am back, Bloggies?

So what have you missed this month of July?

  • Lots and lots of Spanish. Thank goodness that is over and done with for-ev-ver. Thank you Squints for perfectly matching my enthusiasm for the meaning of forever. Still no hablo espanol though.
  • Also lots of hanging out with this cutie.
 Such a sweetheart. But man oh man am I glad that this season of the Nanny Diaries is over too.
  •  The 4th of July! We went back to Topsail. Our house is g-o-n-e. But we stayed in a much bigger and much nicer house than ours. So we all accepted it with open arms. I'm glad that Shark Week is now, not a month ago.          
      Life just feels good at the beach.
    • We also went to the g'rent's condo in HHI. I have so many memories of that place. 
    • I read and watched the entire Harry Potter series in two weeks. Insert nerd jokes here. 
    • Playing soccer. And sweating 200 liters. Yum.
    • #lakethings of course. What better is there to do in summer in Tennessee? I dare ya to find an answer to that. 
    • New roomies and new neighbs. Fist pumps and leg kicks for both.

    Blogger is making it way too hard to put up pictures with the words. So here are pictures for your viewing pleasure!

    We go for the wind-blown look
    Practically pros

    ...unlike Andy :)

    We got caught in a monsoon on the lake on Taylor's birthday. Hence the boys huddling together. Although, I wouldn't be shocked if they were cuddled up just for fun.

    Note to self(/ves): when the sky gets eerily dark, book it back to the marina!

    Oh how I wish everyday was cow day. What wouldn't I do for free Chick-fil-a?

    Dad and I drove through a storm on the way home from HHI, but we came out to some pretty spectacular skies.
    This is what happens when you end up being the only girl on a lake day. The boys beat you up. True life.
     So that's July for ya! I am so hot and so tired. Reliving the last month in 30 minutes is exhausting. But that's that. It's good to be back.
    Over and out homies!

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