Monday, August 22, 2011

Ups and downs

I've been meaning to publish this for awhile. Forgive me!!

Woooow. Whatta first week back it's been.

This week was legit crazy. Here's just some good and bad things about this past week...

Monday- On Monday morning I'm totally convinced that every YoungLife leader in Knoxville (including me and my team) got up early and drove to the high schools to see their high friends on their first day back. This blessed my heart. So much.

Wednesday started classes. They were actually pretty good... until they got canceled.  Oh. My. Word. Insert huge freak out panic moment here. I needed comfort and sympathy and the lady in the Bursar's office definitely wasn't the one to provide it. And neither were some of the other people I turned to first. In my mind I knew it would be okay, but that did not stop an overwhelming sense of panic from creeping in. And lots of tears. I'm a wimp. But thank goodness for friends who've "been there, done that" with having schedules dropped. I will forever be in debt to those who calmed me down. But it's all okay now. 

One good thing that came out of my trip to the Bursar's office is, I'm pretty sure I maybe might have met my future husband in line. Sparks were flying. I think it's what's called "love at first sight". Too bad I don't know his name.

Another good thing is getting to hang out with the new neighbs every day/night. It's so great having friends so close. One of the boys houses is calling me their sixth roommate. I guess this is okay until I start having to pay rent.

I finally got to go wakeboarding again (good) but didn't do well at all (bad).

I went to Cookout two days in a row. I'm totally convinced Christians have the best food (In-N-Out, Chickfila, Cookout... must I go on?!). De-to the-licious. But even better- cheap!! Cookout, oh how I love thee.

And, we love making midnight runs to Krispy Kreme with the neighbors. This is also very good.

Friday night, once again I was reminded of how much a adore being a part of this ministry called YoungLife as so many of my friends went to the first football games of the season. Halls actually won! We're breaking our 0-10 streak from last year. Wahoo! Sometimes I weird myself out with the loyalty I feel towards the Red Devils...

These are the days I love (and hate) college.

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