Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dead day numero uno

Today I had a review for a final too early in the morning. As partly-conscious me was being its typical self and refusing to get out of bed, real-life me managed to gain a little ground on this daily battle and roll over and look out the window. Good gravy guess what I saw... SNOW! Little white Dip 'n Dots (thanks Mo Stridde) ALL over the ground. ...Really more like just on our cars and porch. But that little bit of snow just made me oh so happy! Yippee December! Until I actually had to walk in it that is. Stinkin' freezing.
The rest of the day has been full of food and friends and studying. The first two are fantastic, the last? Yuck.
Now I'm gonna hit the books again with this awesome group:

Sorry to anyone who didn't make it in time. We still love you.
Clearly a lot of work is getting done.
This is study week!

Happy December 1st!

i love matthew ryan robinson oh so much.

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